Error scenario in New Obs Save Logic after Platform 2.0

Hi All, The error scenario was saving an observation tree(depth > 2) with change in parent as well as a new observation added leaf level at depth > 1. Please refer to the below image for understanding further details. D, E are new observations added at different levels in existing Obs Tree. A,B,C existing obs also edited. On save of this Edited Obs tree, the result expected in ols A,B,C Obs should be voided. And there will be new A, B,C,D,E Obs. But with the issue in save, the output is getting D observation voided.

I have spent sometime in analyzing the issue. In ObsService.voidExistingObs method, the obs is evicted from Session but the children are not.

I will be creating a pull request to fix this JIRA issue.

Thank you so much @swathivarkala for spending time looking at this and not only coming up with a detailed explanation, but also a pull request that contains a unit test and fix! :rose: :bouquet:


Hi, We would like to do Platform 2.0.x release with this fix as its a blocker for us. Can i get permissions to do release?

@swathivarkala go ahead with the maintenance release steps at We shall give you the permissions that you will need.

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Started releasing OpenMRS 2.0.3. Will keep you posted on the progress.

@swathivarkala how far have you gone with the release? Any blockers? :slight_smile:

Hi @dkayiwa, We did release OpenMRS 2.0.3. Will be continuing with post release activities.

Hi, Done with below steps from Release Process documentation:

  1. Uploaded OpenMRS Platform 2.0.3 artifacts on to Sourceforge
  2. Created new page for OpenMRS Platform 2.0.3 under Platform Release notes.
  3. Steps on JIRA 16,17,14

I would need help in below few things. How to get the OpenMRS Platform 2.0.3 represents revision: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx under Downloads in Release notes?

Should i raise pull request for this?

I didn’t do this. Should i do it now? or should i go ahead with the below steps.

[quote] 18 . Once helpdesk confirms all is set for the release, create a blog post on using your WordPress account. If you need an account, create a help desk case at 19 . Send an announcement to the implementers and developers mailing lists/Instead just write a post that announces the released on talk under Software category. [/quote]

If you have write access to that repository, you might as well commit directly. (If not, send a PR.)

Yes, do this now. (Also, I think some of the bullet points that are listed for them to do are no longer relevant, so when you create the case please also ask the helpdesk team to update the wiki release process to remove references to systems we no longer maintain.)

You can draft the text of the blog post and talk post now. (But better to wait to post them until the Downloads page on has been updated.)

Hi all,

We are done with the process of release as below.

  • page is updated with latest release.
  • Release announcement/ post is done on
  • On OpenMRS Talk, posted on Release.
  • Release Notes on WIKI is in place
  • Sourceforge got the artifacts of release.
  • JIRA tickets are updated and new version created.
  • Updated Reference Application with next SNAPSHOT version

Please do let us know if anything is missed and need answer on below question.

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You can get it from the commit hash for the release tag. Here is an example

Which means: ad0cffa6ece9b43c550f3552eb3b6abb1029c426

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Thanks Daniel. :slight_smile: I have updated on Release Notes.