Propose dev stage upgrade for Swathi Varkala

Continuing the discussion from Error scenario in New Obs Save Logic after Platform 2.0:

I propose a developer stage upgrade for @swathivarkala.

Most of the time she’s a dev on the Bahmni team, but also contributes to openmrs-core, including very tricky tickets like the one linked above.

She also answers questions on Ask, and has the Top 5% and Ask OpenMRS Expert badges, and is helping out on the Helpdesk/Infrastructure team.

At a minimum she should be a /dev/2.


Makes perfect sense, and thanks Darius for bringing this up! I feel she is more suited to be a /dev/3 than /dev/2 Does any one object? :slight_smile:

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OK. Since there are no objections, @swathivarkala is now a /dev/3 Thank you so much, lady, for the awesome work. Please keep it up!!! :apple:


Thank you Daniel :slight_smile:

I’d say /dev/3 personally…

EDIT: Just saw the other posts :slight_smile: