EMRSCloud: Recommended modules


As a non-technical person, I would like to ask for your help and guidance. Above all, it provides valuable advice on the selection of modules. Are there modules that you recommend as experts? Which ones are worth paying attention to? Which ones can be extremely useful? Or maybe there’s another thing I should know?

I would like to hear all opinions and advice to deepen my knowledge of the modules. The advice of our community is very important for me. Can you help me with it, please?

Also, SolDevelo Foundation has recently come up with a new idea - hosting OpenMRS in a cloud. This service is called EMRSCloud, and you can find more information here: https://emrscloud.com/. We would be pleased if you could give us feedback about our service.

Best regards, Julia @zuzanna @annakwasny @jslawinski


Thanks a lot, My experience with EMR sees reporting Modules as a very important component which needs improvement in accuracy of HMIS reports

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