EMR Lab Results Entry discussion

Proposal: Build a “Lab Results Entry” tool as part of Bahmni EMR so that implementations that can’t or don’t want to use ELIS have a good way to enter lab results


  • Today, the Lab Results display control only works if you enter lab results via the ELIS tool (not via form entry in the EMR)
  • Some implementations don’t want to use ELIS because they use an external lab, whose workflow they don’t “own.” Some don’t want to use ELIS because “it’s too heavy”

We discussed this on our 28-Sep-2016 Bahmni Product Architecture Team call. Outcome: No decision now; revisit this discussion in a few months


  • Broadly, the use case sounds important
  • The specific implementations requesting this do not have a short-term need
  • There was concern about a slippery slope, around building too much functionality in the EMR service that belongs in other services
  • Should mitigate this with some big picture guidelines about what belongs in Bahmni EMR vs other services
  • Consider whether it makes more sense to build a simplified lab result entry workflow in OpenELIS, or build a separate “Simple Lab Entry” service
  • Architecturally, we should introduce a “Lab Result” domain object and/or REST resource, and stop treating these as plain obs groups.

While trying to understand the use case and figure out if there is anything in Bahmni EMR that quickly help and support this requirement, I have a feeling the ORDER FULFILLMENT can be a better fit.

How the order fulfillment works ?

There is an app (which can be separately configured) with custom patient queues listing the patient who have been ordered with configured order types. For example, the app can be configured for Lab Orders, then the patient list queues will list down all the patients with lab orders. Clicking on any of the patient will navigate to fulfillment page for that particular order type. In this case, it is LAB ORDER FULFILLMENT Page. This page shows the orders each having an Obs Form (Concept set with fullyspecified name = “order type” + “Fulfillment Form”). In this example, the obs form is the concept set with full name “Lab Order Fulfillment Form”. Any observations that are captured as part of this form are against that particular order. There is a display control that can be configured to display the orders along with the obs captured for that order.

For Example:

Below is the sample patient queue page configured to list all the patients with Radiology orders

Clicking on the patient will navigate to page below which lists all the orders (right now radiology) for that particular patient

Expanding each order item in the list above will show a display control (if there is any data captured) and a form to capture observations for this order as shown below

Concerns ?

Right now the form that can be configured is not specific to each order (or concept). The form is common for all the orders that belong to that Order type.

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Please vote for the feature or give your comment on this public board here: https://trello.com/c/QlqxNP1F/6-entering-lab-results-directly-in-emr

Here is the link of Documentation for Order fulfiment

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