Drug Management

i am trying to add drug management in the Patient dashboard, like shown in the attached screenshots, i also visited the this link which suggest that Options for OpenMRS drug management

Orderentryui module will fullfill my requirement , can anyone share omod file of orderenteryui module or suggest me another way to add drug management for patient where we can also print.

@mksd do you think you can share the compiled omod with him?

On a side note, @dkseelro have you tried out bahmni?

@dkseelro, our forked Order Entry UI version 1.0-SNAPSHOT can be found here: https://modules.openmrs.org/#/show/266/

However note that there is a disclaimer: This represents work in progress that has been discontinued since April 2016. This module is provided by the OpenMRS community as is and with all faults.

As @dkayiwa said, you may want to look into Bahmni if the overall medication management is a crucial feature in the context of your implementation.

Cc: @hpardess

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Thanks for your response, i have looked at the Bahmni, that is too complicated. what would be other options to manage drugs in OpenMRS.

@dkseelro we have an inventory module that you could try out on our demo site here: http://demo.openhmisafrica.org/openmrs/login.htm Username demo Password Demo1234 It doesn’t currently support creating orders but you can track movement of stock/drugs to patients/departments/institutions and so on.

Here’s the documentation: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/OpenHMIS+Inventory+Module We are also available on IM: http://chat.openhmisafrica.org

Jeremy, OpenHMIS Team.

Thanks @mksd for sharing module with me, i appreciate.

i have installed it and test it out, and getting an issue, i went to PRESCRIBED MEDICATION and select medicine and when click on sign and save it start saving but keep moving the processing circle and keep on does not save, i am also attached screenshot.

1 more question, can we get this PRESCRIBED MEDICATION tab on the patient dashboard.

@dkseelro, you would have to share what’s in the log when the issue occurs. And if there is nothing in the log, then check out the JavaScript console in Chrome.

Thanks @mksd for replying,

i am sharing both, log file as well as JavaScript console snapshots. i hope you will track the issue. please let me if you need any other information from myside.

2017-4-2.txt (133.5 KB)

It looks like the current user may not have the provider role, could you check this?


I have actually login with super user, Admin role, let me try it on the Provider account.

@mksd i have tried by creating a provider id and try OEUI module but still facing same things. can you guide me how to move forward.

@mks i also try to use this module on my other VM but here i am getting this error.

here i am getting design out and attaching snapshot of it as well as the console of browser.

Something is clearly wrong on the screenshot that you are showing (and this was not the case higher in this thread with your first screenshot). The page could not be properly loaded and Angular is complaining that it could not wire everything together.

You seemed to have switched from Chrome to some ancient browser as well. I would recommend to remain consistently in the same environment until you can get things to work, otherwise this process will be subject to too many moving variables.

Could you redo what you initially did, in the same conditions/environment, but with a user that has the provider role?

Thanks @mksd

Please look at the attached screenshots, this is with the provider account. please suggest.

I actually stumbled on the exact same problem a long time ago, see this thread: ‘orderentryui - provider is undefined in order-entry.js’.

Back then the issue was App UI, what version of App UI are you running on?

Thanks @mksd i am using appui-1.3.

@dkseelro did you get the fix for this?

Please follow this thread : Options for OpenMRS drug management similar issue is discussed.