Does creating a module with springBoot will work on openMRS?

I’m learning a springBoot and looking to develop a module using openmrs SDK.I want to know is it possible to develop in springboot instead of Spring MVN will it run on reference application 2.0…6?

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Nope, OpenMRS modules are packaged in a very specific way that they can only run inside OpenMRS as a container. Spring boot applications aren’t OpenMRS modules.

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Sorry for mis understanding,I updated my question please review it again.

Hi @wyclif thanks for the information. What do you think about adding Spring Boot in the openmrs core ? it would be possible ? thanks in cc @mksd

@amine @naveed1228 This was actually pointed out to be part of upgrade to the @Radar at but i do not know how far reaching it was to senior devs. Could you guys share ideas on why you would want to see springboot introduced into the OpenMRS folder Infra.

it looks like it was unnecessary Help finish OpenMRS Radar for 2018

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@amine you can definitely refactor OpenMRS and have run it as a spring boot application, my guess is that it would definitely not be a trivial task, it is something worth somebody doing a spike on because if it were possible, then there would be no need for the standalone. I’ve tried to convert an existing project into a spring boot application and I quickly ran into annoyances. In general, my perception is that spring boot is best suited for microservices and good if you are writing a new application from scratch.



@wyclif thanks for broadening this out

many thanks for your feedback.