Does Bahmni have Medication instruction label printing form?

Hi I’m a doctor in Thailand and want to implement Bahmni in my hospital. I just get started with Bahmni and have a question about Medication instruction label because I have not seen it in openerp.(I also tried to find at wiki already)

My hospital is always printing medication instruction label stickers like this.

so I wonder if i can print sticker like this (also can i config paper form for printing since printer came with different size of sticker) with Bahmni

Cheers, Pi

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Hi Pi, I don’t think an option to print sticker for individual medications exist in openerp. What exists is an ability to print the complete prescription through an option “Print bill and prescription” that the user gets on confirming the quotation. Attaching a sample print. Prescription Printout.pdf (77.3 KB)

This ultimately prints the prescription from Bahmni openmrs as the information like frequency, etc does not exist in openerp. Bahmni also has a feature of custom prints which requires knowledge of html and javascript to setup customised prints. I am not sure whether that would meet the need of label printing on stickers and will have to be tried out with exact positions, text sizes, etc.

@arjun so if I want to print label I have to print from openmrs(After I configure the custom print) right?

Yes. Though as mentioned earlier, i am not sure if anything specific would be required to print it on labels. you will have to try it out. i have tried these custom prints for regular printouts (birth certificate, death certificate, referral letters, etc) and they work well.

Ok I will try thanks a lot

@arjun Hi Arjun I tried to print from “Print bill and prescription” in openerp but it didn’t work out like yours. Mine was missing the prescription instruction.

this is medication tab from openmrs.

then from quotation, same patient

but when i printed, there are no prescription instruction like this

Could you help me figure it out? Thanks

Hi Pi, That button initiates 2 prints. The one that you see is the receipt. After you close the modal for this there would be another modal to print the prescription. For the first time, your browser may show you popup blocked message where you need to indicate it to Allow popups from your bahmni URL. Google documentation for chrome browser here After you have allowed popup try printing again and it should work just fine.

@arjun Thanks for real quick response. I’m fixing this problem right now I use firefox and allowed pop-up already as you recommended. It pop up new tab(latest-prescription-print) but nothing happened. the new tab just said that please close this tab but no prints.

@zacrify looks like it doesn’t work in firefox. i reproduced it. works fine in chrome.

@arjun Big thanks for your help.

using Chrome is work for me but Chrome is very slow. it took 2 mins to start download prescription.

right now i’m having an issue that i cannot access openmrs

so i will try it again as soon as possible.

@arjun I’m trying to configure lastest-prescription for printing

Could you point out where it located? Thanks

Hi Pi, You don’t need to configure anything. It should just show up when you validate the payment. Refer the attached screenshot.

Hi @arjun you may misunderstood me.:astonished: yes it show up but I want to config prescription form. So I need need its location to config

Thanks Pi

Hi Pi, Just to confirm, i believe you are not trying to setup a custom print but are wanting to use the latest prescription that is printed via the button that highlighted in last post. If thats correct, then you don’t need to setup any prescription form as such. Medications captured as part of regular medication tab (under Consultation in clinical) would show up in latest prescription.

I don’t want to make a new custom print but want to modify existing latest-prescription-print so it will be easier for pharmacy unit to print stickers.(rather than switching from openerp to openmrs>>select patient>>print a new custom form. this can cause a prescription prints to wrong patient from my view)

Sorry for bumping up old thread. Do you find how to custom latest prescription print?