How to configure latest-prescription page in Bahmni?

Hi I am trying to implement Bahmni and want to config latest prescription page(The page that automatically print after receipt in openerp) I dont know where its locate. Can someone point mebahmni

Hi @zacrify,

The wiki link below should help you understand how to configure the Pharmacy and Billing.

Hi @vmalini I can’t find how to config prescription print like this in wiki

presc4.pdf (55.3 KB)

Hi @zacrify

It appears link some of the wiki links are broken, hence the info is missing. After placing the order from OpenMRS, the items are listed under Quotations in OpenERP. After you confirm the quotation it gets listed under Sales Order. Click on the respective customer’s Sales Order and you can print the invoice. From the “View Invoice” screen choose “Print Invoice” to print the bill for the customer. I hope this helps.

Hi Pi, I believe it’s related to the same question that you asked on this thread : Does Bahmni have Medication instruction label printing form? - #15 by arjun

You don’t need to configure anything to have the latest prescription page. The page by default is available on a URL like :

The button in ERP takes the user to this URL from where the latest prescription can be printed.

Yes that’s the same question. I think somehow it can modify latest-prescription so I can print it on sticker.

As far as i know, You cannot customise that prescription page.

@arjun I am not able to find “print bill and prescription” button either on my installed version on bahmni demo site, Pls guide me on how to configure or workflow to see the button.

It seems this button comes from a Bahmni custom openerp module (bahmni_print_bill). See code here:

I believe this will need to be modified and redeployed into OpenERP as a custom module replacement.

@gsluthra Thanks for the quick response. What is the process to enable this custom modules on either on openmrs on odoo? Is there a way to configure custom button on openmrs and print the only prescription

If you want to print prescription from Bahmni EMR UI (OpenMRS) - one way I can think of is to use the Treatment display control in the Clinical Module.

You can create a separate “tab” in Clinical → Patient Dashboard, which has:

  1. Patient Profile Control
  2. Treatment Display Control

Then the Print Button in the new Tab (called Prescription), can print this page.

Another way is to add a “Link” into the Clinical dashboard that directly opens the Odoo Page?

cc: @arjun @akhilmalhotra @angshuonline – Is there any other suggestion for adding a “prescription” screen in EMR UI?

You can add a link (An extension) to the clinical dashboard