Documentation Sprint #1 Announcement

Documentation Sprint #1 Announcement


This sprint will involve updating the outdated openmrs documentation and also encourage developers to document their work always.


  • Sprinters to locate outdated pages and update them.
  • Reach out to the community for more information where need arise.

Start Date : 13/12/2018 End Date : 26/12/2018

Documentation wiki :

Sprint Jira board :

Development Team : @monasaleh, @herbert24, @dkayiwa, @c.antwi, @burke, @deb, @burke, @irenyak1, @tendomart, @ssmusoke, @jennifer , @ball, @terry, @janflowers, @lana

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I thought your development team would be the list of those who volunteered to help on this?

Thanks for the correction my assumption was someone in coding team. Let me work on it. I have added some members like @burke, @dkayiwa, @ball, @ssmusoke for the purpose of consultation.

to start documentation, I am imagining the steps to be using GIMP for screenshot modification, and using open office for writing the tutorial documentation of how to use the screens of the reference application. Any comments? :slight_smile:

@jwnasambu are we choosing specific pages or starting from the very first login page :slight_smile: ?


Thanks so much for leading this effort. It’s not clear to me if this is about general documentation (which your descriptions imply) or specific to reporting (REPORT-847 is a reporting module ticket). If you are focusing on documentation on the reporting module, it might help to call that out in the sprint. If you mean to address documentation more generally, then the JIRA ticket is misplaced. I’m guessing it’s the latter, given the ticket’s summary: “Ensuring all openmrs documentations are updated.”

When creating a ticket in JIRA

  • “Story” tickets should be fairly small (ideally <2 weeks of work) with clear acceptance criteria. A common story would be something like “As a end user of the reporting module, I should be able to easily search for my saved reports.” An “Epic” is used for a bigger target (may comprise multiple stories), but should still be an arc (i.e., have a clear end goal) like “Complete Developer Manual 2.0”.

  • It’s important to put it in the right project. In this case, the problem may be that we have no general “Documentation for the Community” project. So, perhaps we should create a new JIRA project for this category? In fact, from what you’ve said, I’m guessing you’d like a new Documentation project and a scrum board in which to do sprints for that project. If so, I’d be happy to help walk you through requesting a new JIRA project. Alternatively, we could use TODO lists in the wiki.


-Burke :burke:

When approaching our documentation, I’d like to point out the resources we have. When working on these areas of documentation, it would be more helpful to improve/update these existing resources rather than create duplicate efforts:

  • Getting Started As a Developer ( This is the wiki page to which we direct all new developers, regardless of their interest (developing a module, leading a new distribution, just curious, etc.). Ideally, this should be a fun & instructive starting point for any developer to get involved in OpenMRS development.

  • Developer Manual ( This is meant to serve as a useful & printable manual for new developers to help them get started. It is hosted in github and uses GitBook format.

  • Implementer Guide ( This is meant to serve as a useful & printable manual for new implementers to help them get started. It is hosted in github and uses GitBook format.


Does the documentation include UML drawing :slight_smile: ?

@burke I guess opening a new JIRA project is exactly what we need. It will help to avoid confusion between volunteers when some people do the same work without being aware of this. Also, it will be easier to keep track of documentation in the future, since there is going to be one place for all the issues related to it.

cc: @jwnasambu

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Would like to be a part of this too Juliet😄 Is there any space for me?

I would like to help on this too. Just wanted to understand, how exactly should we start? :slight_smile:

Uberconference is going to be held soon. Date and time are still TBD. Take a look at this thread to find out more: Documentation lead :slight_smile:

Sorry I saw your post but I couldn’t reply due to my poor health. Hope @burke has answered your question.

Am sorry for not responding immediately am not fine health wise and I promise to get back to you before the end of the day when I have stabilized.

Sorry about that @jwnasambu . We pray for quick recovery.

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Does documentation include adding simple java classes for the screens of archetypes of OpenEHR. Example below: For the body mass index, I tried this draft for the java document of body mass index. I thought I may share it with you to add it alongside the xml format, as it may be of value to anyone trying to use the archetypes. I highly appreciate your comments, Regards, Mona

package OpenEHR;

public class BodyMassIndex {

public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub int weight = 105; double height = 1.75; int age = 34; float heightPowerTwo = (float) Math.pow(height, 2); System.out.println(weight / heightPowerTwo);

int weight1 = 105; double height1 = 1.75; int age1 = 34; float heightPowerTwo1 = (float) Math.pow(height1, 2); float BMI = weight1 / heightPowerTwo1 ; if (BMI >= 29)

{ System.out.println(“overweight”); }

else System.out.println(weight / heightPowerTwo);


float height; float weight; int age; String name; public float getHeight()

{ return height; }

public void setHeight(float height)

{ this.height = height; }

public float getWeight()

{ return weight; }

public void setWeight(float weight)

{ this.weight = weight; }

public int getAge()

{ return age; }

public void setAge(int age)

{ this.age = age; }

public String getName()

{ return name; }

public void setName(String name)

{ = name; }



Get well soon @jwnasambu :slight_smile:

Hi @jwnasambu! Is there any updates about the sprint?

Apparently No. After consultation we pushed it to next year which is this week. Though time and date not slated. Thanks for asking I will ensure I set everything right before the end of tomorrow.

probably i can also be of help , incase theres some more space on your team @jwnasambu :wink:

Compliments of the New Year Everyone!

Could we use the next scheduled design call to discuss the approach we want to take, What needs to be improved (are we satisfied with the status quo?) etc.