Documentation lead

@c.antwi and @burke I would like to take a lead in openmrs documentation since most of the documents are outdated as part of my contribution to this community.


i also find it awesome if you did so and am sure it will lead to timely documents updating

I find it a good idea and I am looking forwards to documenting with you :slight_smile:

best of luck :slight_smile:

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Awesome! :smile:

Hopefully you got a chance to look at this:

I see that you already have a team of volunteers who would like to work with you on this. Do you think you can get started, by listing some of those documentation pages that are out dated? Then you can get started working on them with your team, in a sprint. And as you do that, feel free to ask the community wherever you need clarification or help. You could also call out for more documentation volunteers to join the sprint or even help in setting it up (the sprint)


Thanks I have read through this link and I had a chat with @burke and he suggested we begin with most frequently used documents e.g.developers manual @monasaleh welcome on board and we can begin perusing through those documents. Anyone else who wish to join this group feel free.
cc @deb, @irenyak1, @herbert24

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So what is the way forward? Are you organising a sprint?

This sounds interesting. I will join the sprint. Where do we start from, should we organize an uberconference session to kick start this?

cc @dkayiwa, @c.antwi, @burke, @monasaleh , @deb

@jwnasambu @irenyak1 can i join you folks ?

Yes am going to organize. Most likely next week and invite all members in the community so that we can get their views and other important information we are missing.


Feel free its open to anyone who wish to join am going to organize a sprint most likely next week and we have a discussion on how we can do it best. Thanks

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i am highly available for this

@irenyak1 I am ready :slight_smile:

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That’s great, we need to have a conference call which is going to be organized by @jwnasambu so that everyone is brought at the same footing. After this we shall all be set to go.

Jennifer, you have already done much for us. This time your presence matters a lot its my desire that all our documentations are updated. As for the time, I consent with you. I was thinking we do our sprint next Tuesday since its the only day which is not occupied after all the Implementer 's conference is done and am not sure if we have a review meeting today. Members kindly share your views on this and those who wish to join this crew feel free. The date and exact time of the sprint will be communicated after you have submitted your views.

cc @monasaleh, @herbert24, @dkayiwa, @c.antwi, @burke, @deb, @burke

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personally i am okie with next tuesday

I am fine with Tuesday too, But isn’t next week too far? Anyway if that’s the most convenient time for the majority then I have no objection.

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True, it may appear to be late but i wouldn’t like to conflict with the implementer’s conference meeting which has been taking place on this particular day. Though I haven’t got a reminder, I assume post review of the conference may take place today.

Have you decided on a particular date ?

I think what @irenyak1 did mean is that, will the implementers conference meeting be taking place today, tomorrow, thursday, friday, all the way up to next week?

You got me right @dkayiwa. Becuase in my thinking, we don’t have to stick to Tuesday if it’s occupied, we could do Wednesday, Thursday or even Friday. How about that @jwnasambu?