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(Juliet Wamalwa) #21

This is a bright idea and I really appreciate the zeal you have. However, let us do it on Tuesday next week at 3pm UTC , 6pm EAT. This week let people settle from the conference hungover. Believe me before we break off for Christmas we will have our expectations. Its open to every member in the community.

cc @monasaleh, @herbert24, @dkayiwa, @c.antwi, @burke, @deb, @burke, @irenyak1, @tendomart, @ssmusoke, @jennifer , @ball, @terry, @janflowers

(Daniel Kayiwa) #22

If some people are ready to get started, why not allow them to start the sprint? Any one is free to join in the middle of the sprint. Some people may work the full sprint, others a half, others a quarter of the sprint. At the end of the day, work gets done as a combined total of every one’s input, however little it may be.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #23

Thanks for your advice. Let me create a poll to invite the community.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #24

Friends, before narrowing down on the day and time of the sprint this week, let me get your views on the time, day and your availability to participate.

(Jennifer Antilla) #25

Thanks, Juliet, for getting us organized! I’m very interested in understanding how we keep our documentation up to date, so am willing to hop on a kickoff call. 3pm or 4pm UTC most any day of the week except Mondays and Wednesdays works for me. The sooner, the better!

(Juliet Wamalwa) #26

Thanks for the response

(Irene Nyakate) #27

We could make it at 3pm UTC, 6pm EAT on Thursday (tomorrow). What do the rest say?

(Cynthia Antwi) #28

Good Day Everyone!

Could we make the call next week Monday 17th December 2pm UTC or Tuesday 18th 2pm UTC?

Kind Regards Cynthia

(Herbert Yiga) #29

i think personally am okie with the two dayz,i can go with any

(Juliet Wamalwa) #30

@c.antwi, @herbert24, @jennifer,@irenyak1,@dkayiwa, @monasaleh and @herbert24 thanks for your responses. @c.antwi did you have a look at @jennifer’s comment? have you tried looking at openmrs calendar? why am asking this questions? is because there are PM calls taking place on specific days and most of us if not all of us attend those meeting. As much as I wish all of to attend this meeting, whatever you will decide I will go with it.

(Svitlana Honcharuk) #31

@jwnasambu it sounds like a great idea! I saw lots of outdated documentation which is sometimes confusing, and I feel like it’s really important to work on this. May I join you as a volunteer as well?

(Juliet Wamalwa) #32

Feel free dear, its open to everyone. Am glad to have you on board

(mona saleh) #33

I am available all days except monday and wednsday :slight_smile:

(Irene Nyakate) #34

When did we agree on the sprint I thought it was meant to be today, but I kept on the call and there was nothing coming up. Did I mistake the day or time?

cc @jwnasambu