Display Family Name before Given Name on patient icons

In some countries, the Family Name comes before the Given Name. Is there a way to display names in this order on the Clinical App patient icons?

A semantic and possibly easier alternative is to just rename database fields given name --> first name, and family name --> last name, no other changes are then necessary.

first name --> family 
last name --> given
first name --> given
last name --> family

If you reverse the semantics (i.e., put a given name into a family name field and put a family name into a given name field), you are likely to run into conflicting or confusing situations down the road.

I’d recommend following the semantics of the fields (putting a person’s given name in the given name field and family name in the family name field) and find a way to show them in the correct order based on local conventions. It may feel harder in the short term, but it will avoid a lot of future problems.

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Adding such configuration onto Bahmni wouldn’t be difficult. I hope we construct the full name in the UI layer :slight_smile:

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Yes we should do that, have some sort of patient name or even ‘patient identity’ widget that can be configurable. It would let choose what to be shown and how to show it, and should be reusable across all screens that currently display the patient name.

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@zouchine got this working for the patient icons:

concat(pn.given_name,' ', ifnull(pn.family_name,'')) as name,

In the sqlsearch entries of Advanced Settings in OpenMRS .

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For reference:

It’s not clear from the Jira issues, but is this intended to include provider names (for consistency), or is it limited to patients for now?

One other point if this is implemented - for those making use of labs/PACS it might be worth documenting that this is limited to the Bahmni EMR interface, and names would not appear in the same order in those apps.

Correct, it is for patients only, I’ve amended the Jira.

Good point on the PACs.

Was there any action ever taken on this idea.

I am trying to change the Clinical Dashboard to display Names as “First Middle Last” or “First Middle” instead of “First Last”
(see my other post: Can the Bahmni App be customized to show Names as: First Middle Last)

I used the customization of “sqlsearch entries of Advanced Settings in OpenRMS” to get this working in all of the patient icons in the Outpatient, Orders, Documents etc pages, but the main clinical pages are alluding me.

I’m happy to settle for a hack, clever customization, for now, but the “patient identity widget” sounds like a great solution. It looks like this was never developed.

Could you all point me to what part of the Bahmni clinical app I would need to modify to get this working?

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