Developer Stage Upgrades!

Greetings to everyone,

For those who are not familiar with OpenMRS Developer Stages,

This is mechanism by which people involved in OpenMRS Development can progress from a new community member (/dev/null) to a leader (/dev/5) as their contributions and engagement with the OpenMRS community progresses. The purpose of developer stages is to help clarify where people are in their journey, motivate people to become increasingly engaged, and help us recognise when people are becoming more engaged with OpenMRS Development. Developer stages are not meant to create a bureaucratic process around community privileges.

Basing on the activities i have seen, am proposing that we upgrade the following people to the dev stages listed in brackets on the right.

surangak (/dev/5) maany (/dev/3) teleivo (/dev/3) willa (/dev/3) jdegraft (/dev/3) gwasilwa (/dev/3) ibewes (/dev/3) maimoonak (/dev/3) ssmusoke (/dev/3) harsha89 (/dev/3) mksrom (/dev/3) macorrales (/dev/3) harshadura (/dev/3) adamg (/dev/3) tmarzeion (/dev/3) gutkowski (/dev/3)
smuwanga (/dev/2) slubwama (/dev/2) carapai (/dev/2) jmpango (/dev/2) bholagabbar (/dev/2) akshika47 (/dev/2) shekhar (/dev/2) cards31 (/dev/2) capnfabs (/dev/2) avijitghosh82 (/dev/2) vishnurao (/dev/2) pralay (/dev/2) shivtej (/dev/2) rasanjana (/dev/2) ivange94 (/dev/2) ch3ck (/dev/2) sharonvarghese (/dev/2) themoonraker13 (/dev/2) ulrich (/dev/2) tmarzeion (/dev/2) werick (/dev/2) ttcphilips (/dev/2) tmueller (/dev/2) mario (/dev/2) sriharsha (/dev/2) yousefhamza (/dev/2) approce (/dev/2) tharunya (/dev/2) sandeepraparthi (/dev/2) aniketha (/dev/2) ahabib (/dev/2) owais_hussain (/dev/2) cshah (/dev/2) parkererway (/dev/2) vaibhavhp (/dev/2)
taremwatadeo (/dev/1) tendomart (/dev/1)
hilz041 (/dev/1)

Do you have any person in mind that you would like to have their dev stage upgraded, feel free to respond to this post by mentioning their name and why you think so. Or are you the one who feels that it is time for your dev stage to be upgraded, go ahead and say so here! Or do you have any suggestions, comments to any of the above proposed people regarding what stage they should belong to, now is the time to hear you. :smile:

For more information about dev stages, take a look at:

NOTE: i have intentionally removed the @ from each of the above names because talk does not let me mention more than 10 people. :blush:


would be more happy to have some people joining me (/dev/4)

We need to grant badges now – which I am doing currently – this is work I don’t mind doing :slight_smile:

Made a CSV and gave it to @burke

Thanks @dkayiwa for creating the list!

It would help the Soldevelo team (@adamg, @tmarzeion and @gutkowski) if they were assigned /dev/3 instead of /dev/2.

Inability to push to modules was slowing us down at times (needed to add them explicitly to some projects).

They haven’t been hugged by an implementation, but pass two other criterias.

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That is great @dkayiwa its a way of motivation. i will soon get to dev/5 its a matter of time

@raff since you have been working more closely with the Soldevelo team, i trust your judgement! :slight_smile: I have edited my list to reflect this.

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Am coming @k_joseph . i will be their soon

@taremwatadeo i anxiously look forward to see you take over my place! :smile:

If anybody needs their devstages updated – lemme know

Since you have been my mentor . i have to prove the results of your efforts @dkayiwa Thank you alot


@k_joseph encourage and mentor them to join you. :smile:


Should I update my CSV?


I can’t wait to get to the next level. Thanks everyone.



Has the upgrade happened already? If so, @adamg reported he still doesn’t have push rights to OpenMRS modules at He should have them being /dev/3 according to

Yes the upgrade was done. @burke what does it take to effect the github permissions?

I advised him to write a discourse plugin to do it and it just takes bringing Talk down for like max 15-20 minutes to rebuild the container. His plugin would check a user’s groups, taking the highest one of course, and then add them to the approriate github group.

Oh i see! Do you know how far he went with the plugin?

I have no idea if he even did it – I just told him to do it but got no response. I don’t care enough to write it.

@dkayiwa, you are a team maintainer for all /dev/N teams on GitHub, so you should be able to add people through GitHub.

If by “him” you meant me, I haven’t had the free time to learn Ruby/Rails and write a Discourse plugin. :slight_smile:

I have tried to add the following gihub user ids but did not succeed because they need to first have an invitation to the github openmrs Organization. Who is supposed to do this? @burke? :smile:

/dev/3 teleivo jdegraft geoff-wasilwa akmad maimoonak rbuisson macorrales AdamGrzybkowski tmarzeion PawelGutkowski

/dev/2 smuwanga - (No gihub user id) slubwama - (No github user id) carapai - (No github user id) jmpango bholagabbar akshika47 - (No github user id) ShekharReddy4 cardy31 capnfabs avijitghosh82 vishnuraom pralay22■■■■■■■■■■ shivtej1505 rasanjanap ivange94 Ch3ck sharonvarghese themoonraker13 zulrich91 tmarzeion werick ThisuraThejith hanswurst applecool yousefhamza approce SandeepRaparthi1 - (Not a github member) aniketha alihabib seekme94 chaityabshah vaibhavhp

/dev/1 taremwatadeo tendomatGitHub hilz041 - (No github user id)

@hilz041, @akshika47, @carapai, @slubwama, and @smuwanga, you all have no github user id on your openmrs talk profile. Do you mind updating it? :slight_smile:

@sandeepraparthi your github user id does not exist. Did you just mistype it?