Developer Stage Upgrades!

@dkayiwa : I changed mine. hope it is just the ID. :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa i have an id and its hilz041 for my github account. Thanks let me update.

@dkayiwa : my git account field has been updated. Thanks.

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@dkayiwa I have updated my git user Id

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@dkayiwa I have updated it now its : sandeepraparthi

@dkayiwa – Not clear where you are having troubles. You are a team maintainer of all /dev/N teams on GitHub. Are you able to see the teams tab under If so, do you see each of the /dev/N teams in the list? If you select one of these teams, do you see the “Add a person” field on the right? If you enter someone’s github ID into the “Add a person” field and select them, are they not invited?

@burke I did all the above and on typing the name in the “Add a person” text box, i get “Not a member of this organisation”. And on hovering the mouse over it, the message changes to “Only organization owners can Send invitations”. Did i miss anything? :slight_smile:

He’s not wrong – I had this issue when adding @chagara to the ITSM team

Thanks @dkayiwa. That’s what I needed to know. You should now be able to invite people.

Thanks @burke. I have successfully invited all people that have Github user ids.

@vaibhavhp i did not invite you because i could not find a Github user id matching the one you have on talk.

@taremwatadeo you have been upgraded from /dev/1 to /dev/2 :smile:


Thank you @dkayiwa The goal is /dev/5

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@taremwatadeo i like that. And you are heading there soon! :smile:

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