dev1 quiz failed

Hello, I have tried to work on some div1 quiz work that ofcourse advance from div/null to div/1 stage . i have worked on many quiz and am very sure that i passed the test ,but am not getting why the system is failing, how many quiz should some one do to be advanced to div1
cc @jwnasambu @mozzy @herbert24 @cintiadr @reagan @cynthia

Oh sorry about this! Kindly, are you failing the quiz or you are not getting the quiz results.

Kindly read the instructions well! I for one did all the questions how the pass mark is determined, I don’t know.

I also dont know… could i have failed the quiz for all these times :pleading_face: the status shows failed I most probably thought something was wrong cc @jwnasambu

Failing does not only imply you have answered the questions wrongly but also answering the questions right but failing to follow the instructions. e.g sharing the commit link in place of a pull request. I do believe you may have passed the quiz on your attempt where the fail is coming from @cintiadr can be of help.

this is one of the tickets i have worked on … let me hope those are the right links of the tickets and commits

this is link to the commits

hope those are right links
cc @jwnasambu cc @cintiadr

Well, these are the 2 questions and the answers to be for the questions I suspect may be causing the problem.

Please copy & paste here the URL for at least one pull request you’ve submitted under the OpenMRS organization


* Please copy & paste here the URL for one OpenMRS issue in JIRA that you’ve claimed for work


If you didn’t have the same answers that will be the cause and I can’t affirm if @cintiadr can help you fix the links without you repeating the whole process.

@jwnasambu let me hope there isnt a problem with any of those links

Kindly feel free to confirm and make changes where its’ not adding up. I followed the commit you shared above to get the required content.

@jwnasambu i thought everything was clear since the commit was merged and the ticket closed

Oh sorry! it seems am confusing you. Kindly what is not adding-up from my explanation?

Ooooh sorry @jwnasambu i answered in a hurry :slightly_smiling_face: and i dint actually get what you saying… sorry about that

It does happen to everyone just relax… Let me try explaining again!

When you attempt the intro quiz you anticipate three things i.e earn " a smart dev badge " indicating you passed the openmrs dev 1 quiz (Note that the update for dev badges happens once daily, so it can take up to 24 hours to receive the /dev/1 badge after getting Smart Developer). No response for some days of which you can reach out to @burke or @cintiadr who will help in identifying the problem and fix because the results should be generated automatically. Finally the fail status this may be due to having not followed the instructions well though you have answered all the objectives right e.g as shared above having a commit link in place of the pull request link for the ticket you fixed to solve this you have to fix the correct PR link or ticket link. Another cause of failure is not answering the objectives well. The best I can advice is if you have not been attempting all the quiz kindly do it because we all don’t know how the pass mark is determined. lastly, since we all don’t know the would be cause, @cintiadr can help explain after checking the system and give you a conclusive answer but if you feel the is something you missed out, you can re-do the quiz and fix it. Hope it answers your question.

thankyou @jwnasambu

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@cintiadr could you please still advise me on this… it still doesn’t work