Design Time for Data Warehousing and Analytics

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Required Attendees: @ningosi @valvijo @pramidat @mseaton

Are there any desired attendees that can not attend on Monday, April 23 @4pm UTC? Or would you like to recommend another date from the design forum schedule?

@ningosi @valvijo @pramidat @mseaton does Monday work for you all? If not there is another group who may be interested in this time.

@jthomas, I should be available, but not rush on my end - defer to others.

@jthomas I suggest that you wait for affirmative confirmation from one of the eSaude folks about dates that work for them, before trying to put this on the schedule.

Works for me

@jthomas Monday works for eSaude: @ningosi @hmutaquiha and @valvijo. Thanks