Design forum on fingerprinting

Hi all,

I’ve been doing a little work looking into incorporating support for fingerprinting within the registrationcore and registrationapp modules, and I wanted to open this up for review/discussion with anyone that might be interested. If one of the design forum slots for next week is free, could that work?

Thanks, Mike

@craigappl FYI

Hi @mseaton,

It looks like Monday is open. Raff proposed a Sync 2.0 discussion on Wednesday. I’m free both times. Can we shoot for Monday?

FYI @jthomas

FYI - we created an link+topic to help facilitate scheduling.

Sorry @mseaton and @craigappl, I was on vacation last week. It appears today’s design call time is open to talk about fingerprinting although I am unsure of the availability of @mseaton.

We are always happy to assist with the logistics of design forums. In the future please use the Talk post below for proposing your design topics so we can get more information on your proposed topic. This gives us more background on topic to help get it on the schedule and it gives more visibility for other community members who may have interest in the same topic.

@smuwanga @carapai @slubwama do you wanna attend this call? It is happening now.

Call details??

Just seen this now. Thanks though.