Design Forum 2018-11-18: Updating OpenMRS Radar

Today’s design forum will discuss Updating the OpenMRS Radar. Please join us from 6-7 pm UTC.

We have not updated the OpenMRS Radar in 2018. We could use a design call to review & update the radar data. Any developers or technical implementers with experience & opinions about the message our community should be sending regarding the adoption or retirement of programming languages, modules/distributions, platforms, or standards/conventions are encouraged to join.

To join the call using Audio, Chat, & Screen Sharing please use the latest Firefox, Chrome, or other WebRTC-compatible browser and go to:

The next design forum on Monday, 19 November @ 4-5 pm UTC is OPEN TOPIC. See upcoming events on the OpenMRS Calendar.

Unfortunately, I’ve just learned that a meeting that I’m required to attend was scheduled in conflict with today’s design forum, so I cannot make today’s call. I would encourage anyone/everyone who has opinions about which technologies the OpenMRS Community should be promoting to join the call at the top of the hour.

@mogoodrich & @dkayiwa, I’ve verified you both have edit access to the spreadsheet that contains the data for our OpenMRS Radar. I’m hoping we can get enough folks to attend and one or both of you could lead the discussion. I’ve ensured there is a “2018 Q4” worksheet ready to receive updates and I’ve taken the liberty of making a first pass at new ring values. I did not review all descriptions to see which may need to be updated.

The primary goal of today’s call is to refresh our OpenMRS Radar data: descriptions and ring (Adopt, Trial, Assess, or Hold).

  1. Make sure everyone contributing has access to the spreadsheet.
  2. Quickly run the list of entries (rows) and decide if there are entries that should be deleted and if new/missing things should be added.
  3. Divide and conquer updating the descriptions and ring value.
  • Put initials in the status column to confirm you’ve reviewed the description and ring value and they’re good to go.
  • Use the comment column to comment on any issues/questions.
  1. Review the updated list and discuss any areas that may lack consensus.

Use simple HTML in the descriptions (mostly just <strong> for emphasis and <a> for links). I created a little macro you can use to preview the description. You can invoke the preview by selecting a description cell and choosing HTML > Preview from the menu.

We had a quick call, even without @burke:slight_smile:

Attendees: @dkayiwa @bistenes @mogoodrich

Main points:

  • Let’s have an unconference session to update the radar at OMRS18. (I have posted about this on the unconference thread)
  • Strangely, the order of the rings differ between the TW radar (adopt->trial->assess->hold) and our radar (adopt->assess->hold->trial). Is there a reason for this?

Points about specific items:

  • We should add ReactJS, likely as Adopt or Trial
  • Would be interested in discussing Angular 2.x vs Angular 1.x with those that are actively using Angular
  • What is our recommendation on HL7?
  • Should we add bootstrap?
  • Do we have any recommendations regarding ETL tools?
  • Interested in hearing people’s thoughts on SASS in light of these comments:

@bistenes @dkayiwa feel free correct or add anything I may have missed.

Take care! Mark