Design Forum 2018-04-23: Data Warehousing and Analytics

Monday’s design forum is a discussion Data Warehousing and Analytics. The eSaude team wants to work on data warehousing and analytics in the upcoming quarter. They are interested to learn about existing work by Bahmni and PIH, to understand if they can leverage one of these approaches. If you have a topic you would like to discuss during the call please post it at or join us from 4-5 pm UTC.

@ningosi @valvijo @pramidat @mseaton @darius

The next design forum on Wednesday, April 25 @ 6-7 pm UTC - OPEN FORUM

To join the call using Audio, Chat, & Screen Sharing please use the latest Firefox, Chrome, or other WebRTC-compatible browser and go to:

For ETL processes I suggest to look at it’s pretty amazing

Hi @ningosi, @valvijo, @mseaton,

@pramidat had something come up and she can’t join today; she needs to postpone to another week. Sorry for the short notice!

Thanks for informing. I think we are flexible to postpone to another date. @valvijo what do you say?

@jthomas, it would be nice to get @nkimaina from AMPATH to join this call if possible. He’s been experimenting with an OpenMRS Real-time Streaming Topology for ETL that combines OpenMRS and other data sources into an ETL pipeline and would undoubtedly have some opinions and insights into OpenMRS-related data warehousing and analytics.

I will put this on the calendar for next Monday unless @ningosi @valvijo @pramidat @mseaton @darius @nkimaina have any conflicts. If people do please let us know.

@jthomas, this call needs to get rescheduled. There is a lot of interest and activity on the topic of Data Warehousing, but we were missing some of the key participants for today’s call.

The timing should be led by the eSaude team (@ningosi & @valvijo), who have requested the design forum. The presenters listed below would be required as well. The proposed format would be:

Data Warehousing Design Call Agenda

1. First 15-30 min: Brief (~5-10 min) presentations from three groups:

  1. Bahmni (@pramidat)
  2. PIH (@mseaton)
  3. AMPATH (@nkimaina)

Each group would present a technical overview of their current approach to data warehousing along with their future plans (where they’d like to go next).

2. 10 minutes for eSaúde

@ningosi & @valvijo summarizing eSaúde’s needs/goals for data warehousing.

3. 20 minutes of Strategy Discussion

Group discussion on ways forward. Are there opportunities to collaborate, divide and conquer, share best practices, etc?

@ningosi @valvijo, please let me know when you would like to reschedule for.

@pramidat @mseaton @darius @nkimaina @burke

I’d like to be part of this as well.

Hi jamie,

We will be available the week of 7th between Tuesday and Thursday, please find a slot for us during that time.



Hi All,

I am working for TekMindz. We have expertise of developing HMIS using OpenMRS. Our our core strength is developing products for clients as per their needs.

We have expertise in using open source tools like pentaho for ETL, Elastic search and Kibana for real time dashboards. We can give a demo of the analytics dashboards that we have developed for our other clients. May be the approach used can be useful for any member looking forward for a implementation partner.

Kindly let me know your views.

I would like to participate in the OpenMRS design forum calls. Kindly share when is the next meeting.

Thanks & Regards Saurabh Kumar Verma

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@valvijo @pramidat @mseaton @darius

How about Wednesday, May 9 @ 6-7pm UTC or Thursday, May 10 @ 2-3pm UTC?

They are on Mondays and Wednesdays (the Monday time is more convenient for India). Call details at, and Jamie Thomas posts the agendas of upcoming calls here on Talk at

This particular design forum is specifically to guide the eSaude team on the approaches that are out there, and they can leverage (with their developer team). So, if you want to demonstrate your analytics dashboards from the angle of how a dev team could leverage them (and there are some open-source artifacts someone could start from) then that would be helpful to present on this call.

If you’re looking to show your capabilities for people to engage as an implementation partner, let’s set up a different call for that.

6pm UTC is 11:30pm IST, so that seems a stretch for Pramida. (She can comment though.)

I cannot do the Thursday time.

It may be worth setting up a doodle poll for this one.

Thursday May 10 @2-3pm UTC will be fine with us

Hi Darius,

Thanks for the information.

I would like to be part of the eSaude design group discussions. I will see how as an implementation partner we can be of any assistance. We have done work in analytics and etl for other domains while developing products for our clients in different domains. We can try to bring those practices and approaches here. I would be able to share those once I understand the current design stage and various discussions going on.

Apart from that regarding our implementation partner showcases I have already shared with you on separate thread where we can discuss about it on Tuesday 8th 9:30 pm IST.

Kindly let me know the next design discussion date and time of eSaude project.

Thanks & Regards Saurabh Kumar Verma

I agree with @darius. May 10th 2PM to 3 PM UTC works for me.

@ningosi @valvijo @pramidat @mseaton @darius @nkimaina @burke

Please take 5 min to take the Doodle poll below to try and coordinate a call time that will work for all. Would like to have this by EOD today if possible in case people pick Tuesday.

I replied to the doodle poll. (Note that in terms of presenting what Bahmni is currently working on, @pramidat is the person to do this, not me.)

Thank you to everyone who took the Doodle poll. It looks like Wednesday @2-3pm UTC is the best time for most parties.

@pramidat @mseaton @nkimaina @ningosi @valvijo @darius @burke @owais.hussain @saurabhverma

Please respond here if you can’t join so we can account for that during the call.