Design Forum 2018-04-30: Data Warehousing and Analytics

Monday’s design forum is a discussion Data Warehousing and Analytics. The eSaude team wants to work on data warehousing and analytics in the upcoming quarter. They are interested to learn about existing work by Bahmni and PIH, to understand if they can leverage one of these approaches. If you have a topic you would like to discuss during the call please post it at or join us from 4-5 pm UTC.

@ningosi @valvijo @pramidat @mseaton @darius @nkimaina

The next design forum on Wednesday, April 25 @ 6-7 pm UTC - OPEN FORUM

To join the call using Audio, Chat, & Screen Sharing please use the latest Firefox, Chrome, or other WebRTC-compatible browser and go to:


I have joined the UberConference link given, waited for 15 minutes and dropped off.

@pramidat, this call was at 9:30pm IST (and guessing from your timestamp you were on 2 hours earlier than that).

Others were missing as well, so we’re going to attempt to reschedule again, per Burke’s post here: Design Forum 2018-04-23: Data Warehousing and Analytics