Design Forum 2016-12-14: OPEN FORUM

Wednesday’s design forum is an OPEN FORUM, but if we do not have another topic we will discuss tickets created during the OMRS16 hackathon. If you have a topic you would like to discuss during a future call please post it here .

The next design forum will be on Monday, December 19 from 4-5pm UTC - OPEN FORUM

@jthomas I would like to slot in a look ahead for the reference application look and feel framework from this thread Ideas: Look and Feel Framework for Reference Application

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We will try our best to have at least one of us attending from MKS. Thanks @jthomas and @ssmusoke for pushing for this.

@ssmusoke how about next Monday, December 19 from 4-5pm UTC? Is there anyone you feel I should make sure can make the call?

@darius @burke @wyclif @raff @mogoodrich or @mseaton from PIH, anyone from Bhamni UI @mksd I think should be in attendance. Some of the tickets created for the hackathon would benefit from this discussion.

@raff @mogoodrich @mseaton would Monday work for you guys as well?

If you’re looking for someone India-based from the Bahmni team, it needs to be a Monday.

(I should be available for all call times until Dec 24.)

That’s fine with me. So, this becomes next Monday 19-December, and tomorrow the 14th is devoted to the hackathon tickets, is that correct?

Yes @jteich the call would be Monday so we can get the most participants possible from the different time zones. Glad you will be able to join.

List of tickets setup for the Hackathon