custom branding module

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(fakhrul islam) #1

Platform 2.1.3(Enterprise),Reference Application 2.8.0

I install platform 2.1.3(enterprise) and use Reference Application 2.8.0 but when i install custom branding module then it showing this error -

[Error while trying to start module Unable to load/find moduleActivator: ‘org.openmrs.module.custombranding.CustomBrandingActivator’ Module: Custom Branding ; ]

how can i solved this

Request for help with custom branding module
how to change logo using module
(Dimitri R) #2

This module has not been touched since 2013… and then was presumably based on Core 1.8.2 (see here).

I doubt this would just work out of the box against Core 2.1.x (which is what is shipped with Ref App 2.8.0). Furthermore I suspect that this was not a module to custom brand the Ref App but rather the screens shipped back then through OpenMRS Core.

(fakhrul islam) #3

Thanks for your reply please tell me how can i change this logo ?

(Dimitri R) #4

Did you look around?

In one of our Ref App-based distros we did do it this way, but that is done via a custom module through which 1) a custom logo is brought in and 2) an existing extension is configured to use it.

(fakhrul islam) #5

i am not a developer please suggest a module in which I can change the logo

(srikanth kh) #6

@mksd, the custom branding link that you have done in one of your distros does not seem to be working. Do you have any other link for custom branding? Thanks

(Dimitri R) #7

We are not using this module in any of our distros, could you paste here the link in question?

(srikanth kh) #8

The link was

(Dimitri R) #9

Sorry @kshebbar this module has been deprecated and its repo archived offline. I’ll see if I can gather the info to bring it in a post instead.

(Dimitri R) #10

I describe how we brought a custom ‘top left’ logo across the Ref App screens via a custom module whose artifact ID is ‘mymodule’:

  1. Save the logo image -named say mylogo.png- here: omod/src/main/webapp/resources/images/branding/mylogo.png

  2. Use it through the following extension file at omod/src/main/resources/apps/headerconfig_extension.json:

    "id": "mymodule.refapp.configureStandardHeader",
    "extensionPointId": "org.openmrs.module.appui.header.config",
    "type": "config",
    "extensionParams": {
        "logo-icon-url": "/ms/uiframework/resource/mymodule/images/branding/mylogo.png"

(srikanth kh) #11

Thanks, will try this way.