How do I rebrand OpenMRS

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I am trying to change login home page logo but its not change ,can anyone help me how to change the logo? Please find the screen shot also.

OpenMRS Version: 1.11.6 Build 0d2192 Custom Branding: 0.2

You can look at

@nirajkrsinghit, before asking, check and see if it’s answered there.

There’s also a book:

Thnk , I am trying this but, Can you provide this simple solution.

That is easy. It is a step by step of how to do it…

@r0bby , I am not developer person than I have no change any code and fragment. Please advice the essay way to change the logo .

I’m not one of who works on the EMR – so don’t know.

Okay, I am waiting anyone response same.

You need to do the following:

Using the Manage Apps function, add a new App Definition like:

  "id": "overrideSettings",
  "extensions": [
        "id": "override.configureStandardHeader",
        "extensionPointId": "org.openmrs.module.appui.header.config",
        "type": "config",
        "extensionParams": {
            "logo-icon-url": "/url/path/to/the/image.png"

A prior version of this used to be documented on this page but apparently it was overwritten.

@nirajkrsinghit, once you have gotten this working, could you collaborate with @ssmusoke to document this on this wiki page?

Its working on patient dashboard but, login page logo still not change

Its look like this ,

@darius , Can you share the modify code for also hide the login page logo.

@darius ,You have update app definitions for hide the login page logo ,please provide the definition.

Niraj, I believe that overriding the login page requires “overriding a page” that Stephen shared a link to earlier.

-Darius (by phone)

@darius, @dkayiwa can you help tell what the url path to the image should look like, cause I used the path specified in eclipse, and it didn’t work

There is an example here that assumes you have created an OpenMRS module that includes the image in it. Are you doing this?

Thanks so much @darius

@ssmusoke, @darius @dkayiwa I get this error Unable to start OpenMRS. Error thrown was: org.openmrs.api.APIException: Service not found: interface org.openmrs.scheduler.SchedulerService when I tried to override the login page. I have seen page and read page too. I also forked and cloned org-openmrs-mapperoverridedemo and replicated how it was coded. Please what am I doing wrong or what am I not doing?

@cpnwaugha, you will need to share the whole startup log (using a service like, since it will be long)

Thanks @darius for your timely response. This is the pastebin link for the log:

@cpnwaugha is this all the contents of the log file? If yes, what is the name of this log file?