Creation guardian field for patient

Dear All

I would like to add an information field to each patient, to be able to capture the name of the patient’s guardian : the relative who cares about the patient in it’s day to day life (for ex senior people relative ). I have just created Guardian concept (free form text field) and installed the latest version of html form creator 3.3.1with the HTML Form Entry Extensions for OpenMRS 1.9 Module v 1.7

That say i am not sure how to proceed with new field form creation. Can i add the form to the patient registration ? i have created the Guardian capture form and can get acces to it from Admission encounter management screen, and can create the encounter for given patirnt where i can capture Guardian value. Now in order to find the name of the patient’s guardian i have to lookup all encounters trough openmrs REST API module and search the encounter related to the concept id of Guardian concept. I am just trying to find out whether i am right with this approach or maybe simpler way to do exists.

Is this of help?

@dkayiwa is right, that’s probably something that should be stored as a person attribute rather than an obs in an encounter.

If you’re using the Reference Application, and the Registration App, you can add a person attribute to it using the documentation found here…

Another way would be to create a relationship between 2 persons in OpenMRS. Unfortunately, relationships are incomplete in the Reference App at this time.

Is relationship completed in the Reference App?

Are you looking for this?