Create a strategy for getting Platform 2.0 out before December


I trust your exams went well. Welcome to the other side! :smiley:

We have a series of milestones to hit:

We also have the list of outstanding tickets.

Can we try to get an estimate of effort required for each milestone and then coordinate our efforts to try to get us there as quickly as possible? I’m guessing that having @wyclif, @dkayiwa, and @raff simultaneously leading community development to focus on the big things (e.g., pulling out the legacy UI and removing deprecated methods) in sequence (e.g., sprints) will be more likely to succeed.

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Items 2 and 3 have already been done by @jdegraft. I reviewed and merged his work. I still want to do more testing of his work using the reference application’s allergy ui module working with the moved into platform api instead the allergyapi module. This testing is awaiting the completion of TRUNK-4713, which @k_joseph has just picked up.

As for moving deprecated methods, am already onto it and should give feedback by the end of this week.

So we have about 17 issues in the JIRA project for LegacyUI that need work. I think we are almost good to go for a sprint on this. @tharunya, @wyclif can you update the descriptions of these issues giving a clear todo on how they need to be handled and also add/update the any relevant details before we can get started with a sprint on this :smiley:

Awesome work @jdegraft and @dkayiwa !!! :smiley:

Thanks for the updates @dkayiwa I think we can plan a sprint for removal of deprecated methods once the initial analysis is done. Hopefully, have a discussion on this in the next PM call too. :smiley:

good to be back!! there’s no place like ::1

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I have been looking at the current state of the legacy UI module and i intend to post my findings possibly before i sign off today (Tuesday 13th).