COVID Squad Next Steps

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As mentioned in last week’s COVID-19 Squad post, here are out next steps together.

1. Now: Team Poll

Have 5 minutes? It’s time for squad members to vote on our COVID-19 Squad Ideas List!

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Simply pick your top 3 ideas from the consolidated list we’ve been editing these last 2 weeks. Please use the criteria explained in the survey.

2. This Week:

What will happen next: Using the digital results and team discussion, we’ll pick out the top 3-4 ideas.

These will become our list that we’ll bring to consumers/implementers in-the-field to gauge interest and gather feedback. Next week, each non-implementer in the Squad will be responsible for bringing this short-list to at least 1 site/implementing organization, and bringing their feedback to the next squad call. Implementers will be responsible for bringing back feedback.

The goal is not just feedback but also to identify sites interested in using the functionality, so we have a clear launch/real-world use-case situation we’ll work towards over the next 2 months. (E.g. @janflowers has committed to taking the short-list to ITECH Haiti for feedback and to gauge their interest in piloting.)

FYI: @akanter @hamish @ibacher @jteich @janflowers @jennifer @paulamendola @ddesimone @ball

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