Could not access beds app from bahmni admin section

Hi Everyone,

I am using bahmni version 0.90, I am getting the following error while trying to access beds app from admin section.

HTTP Status 404 - /openmrs/owa/bedmanagement/admissionLocations.html

message /openmrs/owa/bedmanagement/admissionLocations.html

description The requested resource is not available.

I am following the instructions from here

and run all DB script successfully. In openmrs i can see following module installed and running successfully

  1. Bed Management Module
  2. Open Web Apps Module

can you please help me with information what I am missing?

Can you please share the output of this command.


[vagrant@localhost ~]$ yum list installed | grep bahmni

atomfeed-console.noarch 1.0-18 @bahmni
bahmni-emr.noarch 0.90-519 @bahmni
bahmni-erp.noarch 0.90-39 @bahmni
bahmni-erp-connect.noarch 0.90-39 @bahmni
bahmni-implementer-interface.noarch 0.90-93 @bahmni
bahmni-installer.noarch 0.90-308 @bintray–bahmni-rpm bahmni-lab.noarch 0.90-36 @bahmni
bahmni-lab-connect.noarch 0.90-519 @bahmni
bahmni-openmrs.noarch 0.90-56 @bahmni
bahmni-reports.noarch 0.90-41 @bahmni
bahmni-web.noarch 0.90-519 @bahmni
epel-release.noarch 6-8 @bintray–bahmni-rpm python-gdata.noarch 2.0.11-1.el6 @bahmni

@sohel , are you trying on 0.90 or 0.91 beta? Bahmni 0.90 by default does not install the “bed management” admin UI. If you are using the 0.91, then you need to tag the locations (wards etc) with the “Admission Location” tag.

Hi @angshuonline I think I am using version 0.90. I have direct download box from here,

v 0.90: .

@sohel, I think there is some confusion. I see that most of the services are versioned as 0.90! You should not have the OWA for ‘Bed Management’ in 0.90. I don’t know about the vagrant box (I personally use docker). @binduak, can you clarify please, whether the vagrant box actually is updated with the OWA?

this may relate to some (business intelligence) reports from the “business analysis” point of view. Reports include (length of stay) of the patient on a specific bed, and having the bed available for the next patient after considering infection control and hospitality :slight_smile:


so far i can confirm you I am using version 0.90 and following module and apps i have found in openmrs and bahmni EMR UI respectively.

@angshuonline @binduak

If I understand correctly I should not get OWA for bed management with version 0.90. I guess that the exact error I am getting while clicking over bed management app. How can i upgrade from version 0.90 to 0.91? I am using vagrant box, do you have any box file ready for version 0.91 that i can use to replace/upgrade my current version.

Hi @sohel Bahmni 0.90 vagrant box doesn’t get shipped with OWA module. I am not sure how you got OWA module. And if you see the screenshot which has modules list, the Bedmanagement module is on 5.6.0 version which doesn’t have required changes for new Admin Bedmanagement OWA app.

There is no vagrant box available for 0.91 Bahmni as we haven’t done release for 0.91. But you can upgrade your 0.90 Bahmni vagrant box to latest by following the instructions mentioned in the below talk thread.

The link for the installer “” is not working for me. If their is any alternative please …

sorry the above URL is not longer available. You can get installer from