Upcoming Bahmni 0.91 release: help us to test

Hi Everyone, We are preparing for the Bahmni 0.91 version, and we would appreciate your help in this process - mainly for QA.

The following links are available for you to do QA and UAT:

  1. https://product-qa04.mybahmni.org
  2. https://product-qa08.mybahmni.org
  3. Bahmni Connect
  • PWA on chrome: you can launch Connect from the home screen of the environments mentioned above.
  • Android: you can download apk from here. On startup, you will need to specify the server Hostname/ IP address. For example: product-qa04.mybahmni.org

The credentials are

  1. EMR : superman/Admin123
  2. ELIS (Lab): admin/adminADMIN!
  3. ERP: admin/password
  4. dcm4chee: admin/admin
  5. Connect: superman/Admin123 (login to location SEM or GAN)

We would go through a open qa process driven by the community, before the PAT and the coalition takes a decision on the release. Tentatively, it’s about a month or two.

  • We will strive to get a beta in in 2-3 weeks time.
  • A Release candidate in further 2-3 weeks time.


  1. Talk thread: We will use this thread for anything posting relevant to the release - Updates and notifications from the release team, reporting new issues (new JIRA cards only) etc
  2. Slack: #community channel for regular discussions. Please see here for details

Product & Release team members

  1. Release standups: We will be meeting online thrice a week online (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) on zoom for a quick standup for the release. Please feel free to join the standup.
  1. PAT calls: Will keep happening every week Wednesday (instead of alternate wednesdays)

QA process:

Here is the link to all the Jira cards that were part of this release. All collaboration will be done only on JIRA, and this is the primary source of truth about who is testing what, and what their findings are. (If you want to see just cards in Needs QA that you could pick up, see this query.)

Please create/use your atlassian Id. If you can’t assign yourself as UAT assignee or move a card to another lane, chances are you need to be given additional permission. Please write back on this thread and one of us will give you the required permissions.

As a part of testing these cards, if you encounter any bugs, please leave a comment on the card. If you find issues not particularly related to any of the Jira issues, please feel free to create a new Jira Issue and tag it to fix version 0.91.

  • Step 1: Sign up on the card on JIRA in the field “UAT Assignee”
  • Step 2: Test on the environments listed above. Try to duplicate in multiple environments if possible.
  • Step 3: Accept or Reject the card. Push back to “Ready For Dev” lane in case of rejection etc. In case of acceptance, move to “Done” column. Leave appropriate comments on the card
  • Step 4: Register new unrelated issues in JIRA by creating a card with fix Version 0.91 and status = Needs Assessment, and notify one of the JIRA admins on slack (or by replying to this thread) so that they can make sure it’s properly curated.
  • Raise any questions or concerns by replying to this thread, or on slack. (You do not need to post just to say “I tested card X, and it failed QA because of Y behavior”. You would write that on the JIRA card.) Bring the issue to attention of relevant people (listed below) by invited or marking them on the thread.
  • Verify that the Feature Guide, Implementer Guide, and User Guide include documentation relevant to this card. (E.g. new features or new config setting need documentation; pure bugfixes do not). Verify that documentation exists, is clear, and complete. You can “reject” a card if the documentation is not present or not understandable. (You do not have to write the documentation yourself as part of the QA process.)

Bring to attention of relevant people (listed below). As a registered Bahmni Atlassian user , you should be able to view, comment on and create issues. In case of any issues accessing Jira, please contact @sruti, @krishnanspace, @angshuonline , @binduak, @mksd, @swathivarkala, @darius

Major Features in the release : We have 2 major features that are coming up as part of 0.91. A new ADT (bed management for some) and Operation Theatre Scheduling. The video links are listed below for getting context. There is also a admin module for “Bed Management” in this release.

We will also need help on exploratory testing.

  1. New Bed Management module (appears as ‘Bed Management’ in QA environments)
  1. New OT scheduling module
  1. Appointment Scheduling
  2. Admin interface for ‘bed management’
  3. Internationalization & Localization
  4. CSV uploads for data and metadata (e.g Concepts)
  5. Bahmni Connect - PWA and Android
  6. User access and privileges
  7. ADT process and follow up (clinical module => ADT) - through the old ADT module and the new one.
  8. Observation forms (using Forms 1.0 ConceptSetUI based forms) - form conditions
  9. Forms 2.0 - done through Implementer Interface => Form builder

(Also see below for other areas for exploratory testing)

Builds: We will be probably taking multiple builds on the QA environments in a day. So, bear with us, if you suddenly find an environment non functioning. Expect a fresh pull every day (morning IST) on both the QA environments (data will be reset). During the day we may pull in builds; and we will do only on one environment. SLACK and this thread will be updated for notifications. If you don’t want a particular environment to be disturbed during the day or multiple days, connect on slack and on this thread with reasons. We will try to consider and accommodate, but not making promises since we just have 2 environments.
We will do release relevant communication on SLACK Bahmni community channel. If you aren’t on Bahmni SLACK already and want to get in, please ping the following persons to invite you on slack (@sruti, @angshuonline, @binduak, @mksd)

Local Bahmni Setup

If you would want to run and try Bahmni locally, please follow the steps to download and install this release candidate on CentOS 6.9:

  1. Install epel-release and python setuptools. This are needed as prerequisites to install bahmni installer.

sudo yum install http://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/epel-release-latest-6.noarch.rpm

yum upgrade python-setuptools

  1. Download latest bahmni installer (check the thread below for notification on latest installer availability)

wget http://repo.mybahmni.org.s3.amazonaws.com/rpm/bahmni/bahmni-installer-0.91-13.noarch.rpm

  1. Install bahmni installer

sudo yum install bahmni-installer-0.91-13.noarch.rpm

  1. create setup.yml configuration file. See here for details of all setup configurations if you advanced setup

curl -L https://goo.gl/R8ekg5 >> /etc/bahmni-installer/setup.yml

  1. Point the bahmni_base_url to amazon s3. You need to add line below in setup.yml for this

bahmni_repo_url: http://repo.mybahmni.org.s3-website-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/rpm/bahmni/

  1. Modify the inventory file if needed and run the installer

bahmni -i local install

Bahmni Connect for Android

If you want to test out for Android, you can use the Bahmni-Connect APK. You will have to allow “installation of apps from unknown sources” in Settings => Security. Please test out on a device with minimum 7” display. If you want to test out using a simulator, try Genymotion. With Genymotion, you would need to spawn a new virtual device first, run it and then use adb (android debug bridge) to install the apk on the running instance.

adb install ~/Downloads/bahmni-connect.apk

Looking forward to participation from the community towards a successful release 0.91. Thanks in advance.


Below are some areas where we would appreciate help in testing. These have been identified through the fixes and patches that have gone into release 0.91.

  1. Observation Forms using ConceptSetUI - (including form conditions)
  2. Forms 2.0 (created using Implementer Interface => Form builder) in Clinical/Observation tab, Registration Second Page, Bahmni Connect.
  3. Synchronization of data between systems like OpenMRS, ERP, ELIS, Dcm4Che etc
  4. Installation & Upgrades
  5. Backup & restore - includes database, patient docs (patient img, uploaded files - image, videos etc), configs
  6. Concept Search - in forms, diagnosis, condition, medication etc
  7. Backward compatibility of older ADT module (appears as ‘In patient’ in QA environments) - note our intention is to deprecate this module going forward. We want to ensure that existing users get used to the new module and have a path for migration.
  8. Patient identifiers - primary identifier and secondary identifiers
  9. Reporting - e.g. IPD report with Diagnosis, Data with special characters
  10. Registration - searches by identifier, attributes, searching for relationships by name, observations in registration second/visit page.
  11. Display controls - specifically ObsToObsFlowSheet display control
  12. Deletion of patient data
  13. Lab dashboard and searches
  14. Patient Document Uploads
  15. ERP quotation
  16. Programs and consultation in program context, state changes
  17. Patient Dashboard
  18. Bacteriology
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Is it safe to assume that the issue/bug/feature will mention if it also affects Connect and need to be tested on Connect in addition to Bahmni?

Wherever we observed of any specific need for connect, we have mentioned so. If in doubt, please comment in the card marking one of the guys mentioned above.

product-qa08.mybahmni.org has latest build. Below is the link to download the installer.

wget http://repo.mybahmni.org.s3.amazonaws.com/rpm/bahmni/bahmni-installer-0.91-13.noarch.rpm

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product-qa04.myahmni.org has latest build. Link for the Bahmni Installer rpm

wget http://repo.mybahmni.org.s3.amazonaws.com/rpm/bahmni/bahmni-installer-0.91-17.noarch.rpm

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product-qa04.myahmni.org has latest build. Link for the Bahmni Installer rpm

wget http://repo.mybahmni.org.s3.amazonaws.com/rpm/bahmni/bahmni-installer-0.91-18.noarch.rpm

product-qa08.myahmni.org has latest build. Link for the Bahmni Installer rpm

wget http://repo.mybahmni.org.s3.amazonaws.com/rpm/bahmni/bahmni-installer-0.91-22.noarch.rpm

By when Bahmni 0.91 will be released ? Please update.

@binduak, installation fails on openmrs-rpm version

TASK [bahmni-emr : Install bahmni-openmrs from bahmni-repo] ******************** task path: /opt/bahmni-installer/bahmni-playbooks/roles/bahmni-emr/tasks/main.yml:49 fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {“changed”: false, “failed”: true, “msg”: “No package matching ‘bahmni-openmrs-0.91-22’ found available, installed or updated”, “rc”: 126, “results”: [“No package matching ‘bahmni-openmrs-0.91-22’ found available, installed or updated”]} to retry, use: --limit @/opt/bahmni-installer/bahmni-playbooks/all.retry

Weird! the rpm is very much there. check here

Maybe try this again? Sometimes if the network is slow, the download might have failed, also do post the install logs as a gist link so that we can investigate.

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managed to install the rpm directly from the link you gave me. It worked, thanks.

The new bed management is great! well simplified.

Can we upgrade 0.90 to 0.91 without moving the database ?

@sanjeev111 yes…One can upgrade from 0.90 to 0.91 Bahmni directly. No need to change the existing database.

product-qa04.myahmni.org has latest build. Link for the Bahmni Installer rpm

wget http://repo.mybahmni.org.s3.amazonaws.com/rpm/bahmni/bahmni-installer-0.91-28.noarch.rpm

MSF-OCP-TW-Reporting team can help in Regression testing on Thursday.

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Please join us for Bug Bash at https://thoughtworks.zoom.us/j/597394338.

Bugbash sheet has the list of features to focus while testing. Please sign up against the features and put in comments if anything found.

Bahmni Connect “[Global Property bahmniOfflineSync.strategy is not configured in OpenMRS. Configure classpath for OfflineSyncStrategy] [object Object]” , i already logged into online once before trying to sync.