Copying unwanted concepts into the dictionary.

When adding a concept from an OCL source to an dictionary manager dictionary, we currently copy all of the mappings from internal OCL sources using this recursivelyFetchToConcepts() function.

This causes the issue that Burke identified here where we might end up copying unwanted concepts into the dictionary.

To fix this, we need to modify the function that we use to fetchMappings from secondary sources so that it only continues to load concepts that are mapped with either the mapping type of Q-AND-A (concept answers) or CONCEPT-SET (concept set members).

How we can edit this function we use to fetchMappings from secondary sources to only load wanted concepts.

cc @ibacher @burke

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cc: @hadijah315 @jwnasambu @suruchi

Thanks @kdaud for pinging us, I saw a ticket that @suruchi created and we shall be looking at that.


Do you mind sharing a ticket url here?

I think it’s this one.

@ndacyayisenga does this ticket interests you ?

@ndacyayisenga @kdaud it looks like you have more context about this, please feel free to add a proper description on the ticket so that the person who picks it knows exactly what to do. OR you can offer to pick it up :hugs:.

@kdaud Ya sure…! wanted to get some pointers on how to go about this. I think @ibacher can make this more clear

I guess you meant adding a ticket description! @suruchi any idea on the Noah’s concern?

The ticket for this specific issue is OCLOMRS-1015


It should be a matter of adding the appropriate filtering to this method.

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