OPTIONAL: 2021-07-21: Dictionary Manager Squad call (focus on peer support)

Following today’s call, I was working on a simple use case for customizing mappings (i.e., adding another CIEL concept as an answer to a simple CIEL question). While testing it out, I discovered two issues:

  1. It looks like CIEL’s Yes, No, and Unknown concepts have mappings to PIH 1065, 1066, and 1067, which are no longer correct. These should be PIH codes 1, 2, and 5, respectively. (@akanter)
  2. When adding Received HIV test result from CIEL to my test dictionary, I get the question, its 3 answers (Yes/No/Unknown), and I get PIH’s 1065, 1066, and 1067 concepts (which are Hep B, syphilis, and C-reactive protein because of #1). Why would the Dictionary Manager load these additional concepts? In short, I understand adding question & answers, but I don’t understand why we would cascade into loading concepts from mappings in the answers.

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