Contribute to translating OpenMRS iOS app

Hello OpenMRS community,

My name is Yousef and I’m working in the app for OpenMRS on iOS, and right now we are moving towards a big release that will include more features and capabilities to the app.

And one of these new feature is support for new languages, and this the part we want your help with.

  • How can you help?
  • here’s a file containing all of the labels needing translation every label is in 2 lines the first line is a comment describing it and the second line is the original world and it’s translation after the ‘=’ mark.
  • Complete the translation for all of that file then submit your version of that file here with the name of the language.

The more languages the better :smile:

Thanks in advance.


@maany, @lluismf, @uzanysa, @alexis_duque, @dmytro_trifonov, @zakaria_amine, @k_joseph, @plypy , @ch3ck, @approce

Hi Everyone,

Would you mind help us translating the file to your native language? Its just less than 100 wordings & most of them are easy words. and should take less than 1-2 hours to translate everything.

Thank you!

Hi @harshadura,

Sure, I can do it in French :smile: :fr:



Hi @harshadura @yousefhamza

I’m on it for Hindi translations :slight_smile:


Thanks guys @maany @alexis_duque :smiley:.

@yousefhamza, here is the french translation : I hope that can help :wink:


@alexis_duque, Thank you so much for your contribution Alexis! :slight_smile: We will be definitely adding you to our contributors list. @yousefhamza @parkererway so now here we have the French translation of the app :slight_smile:

Would this work better if we added it to transifex, so translation could happen through a nicer web UI?

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@darius, Indeed i first looked at Transifex, But seems its very complicating for this kind of simpler work. So thought to go with this approach since its easier for everyone. Just my 2 cents.

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+1 to all the volunteers helping with this.

Another +1 for moving toward Transifex for further work. Having several languages there to begin will help.

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I agree with @harshadura.

@yousefhamza Here is Malay/ Bahasa Malaysia :earth_asia: translation:



Thanks really appreciate it @uzanysa :smile:

Noticed some duplicates in the file some I removed them and here’s the new link: [here][1] I used GithubGist for that too.

Thanks everyone for your work so far. [1]:



I could make a translation to German if you need that. My way of doing it would be forking your recent GitHub-Gist and sending a link to that fork after completion. Is this OK with you?

Greetings Hermann

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Sure, no problem Hermann, thank you!

Thanks lot Zoe! Really glad to see that you are still with us.

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I guess yours is the Malay(Malaysia) right? There’s also just “Malay(ms)”

OK. Here is my translation to German:

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Will do it in spanish and catalan, but some context is needed.

“County district” is problematic, because it depends on the country not the language. In Spain can be Comunidad autónoma, provincia, comarca.


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