Consuming FHIR Resources for OpenMRS: GSoC 2015

Hi everyone,

I’m Niluka Piyainghe ,3rd year computer engineering student from Sri Lanka looking forward to being part of the OpenMRS comminuty.

I’m interested to working on this project , but even though i have good knowledge about Java programming FHIR is a new thing for me.So i would like to know about any good resources that can learn about FHIR framework and any also suggestions from community about this project.

thanks, Niluka

Hi Niluka,

Resources in [1] and [2] would be useful

[1]- [2]- [3]-

Thanks, Harsha

Hi Harsha,

Thanks for the quick suggestions and for the guidance from the first moment i joined to the community. Do i have to formally introduce myself in the OpenMRS Talk to the community using welcome or it is not a place for new member.

As I saw you have used welcome discussion thread to introduce yourself. That’s correct. :).

Also please remember, you will need at-least one code contribution to participate under OpenMRS. Meantime please hit couple of intro tickets in openmrs core[1] or other module tickets. You also can contribute to FHIR module by solving intro tickets in the FHIR module in [2].

[1] - [2] -

Thanks, Harsha

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Thanks Harsha! I will take a look at the tickets and get started with one and get back to you if I encounter any difficulties