Concept for "Working Cancer Diagnosis"

Hi @akanter, @mozzy and I are working on some cancer forms and we need some assistance from you. As a referral hospital, all patients who come to the UCI have a cancer diagnosis, either confirmed on histology or made clinically. Therefore the patient intake form has a field for “Working cancer diagnosis” (maybe better to call it Intake cancer diagnosis, suggestions are welcome!). Right now there is no concept for that. In addition, since it is a cancer diagnosis, it would be good to constrain ICD-10 (or other) to cancer diagnoses only for this field (to avoid cases where a person erroneously records Tuberclosis of the prostate instead Ca prostate, for example). Do you think we can map this field to something like ICD-O-3?

Johnblack, It is important to distinguish between the semantic tagging of the particular variable and the implementation of the variable within the application. In this case, we do have different statuses of diagnosis documentation for generic diagnoses. Whether we really need to create a specific “bucket” for cancer diagnoses would need to be determined. I would prefer that the UI/implementation determine the validity of the data being entered within this field. Whether there are the necessary hooks on the database lookup to do that validation (such as presence of an ICD-O code) is another story. There, I think we can try to ensure the hooks are there. I don’t think CIEL, for example, has ICD-O maps. We’d have to look at leveraging SNOMED or ICD-10-WHO to do that mapping.