Concept dictionary version for Reff app 2.12

In cases where we do not have a concept dictionary version with the same version of core like that we want to release for reff app,for example ref app 2.12 will have to work with core 2.4 but the current version of the dictionary is of 2.3 series,how do we always handle this? cc @dev4 @dev5 @akanter

Thanks @herbert24 , The idea is to understand which is the current version of concept dictionary that has been released and that is supported by the current version of platform ., The current version of concept dictionary is 2.3.2, i understand this doesn’t have the same version as that of platform, but it being current released version as suggested here by @akanter seems to me the right version to use cc @dkayiwa

according to the instructions, the dictionary must have the same version as that of platform

This is a good concern @herbert,

i guess CIEL dictionary 2.3 is compatible with core 2.4 (not very sure) . you can easily test this out locally and give feed back.

cc @akanter

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sure i can go on and do the testing, i also see this was breaking things some time back Creating a new user Acount on mdsBuilder server - #16 by dkayiwa cc @dkayiwa

Ask @akanter to release a version of CIEL for platform 2.4

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hi @akanter a gentle request to release CIEL for platform 2.4

I don’t think there have been any changes, but have asked Rafal…


@akanter @raff hi here,just checking in on how far this has reached!!

Did we clarify if there were any changes to the concept tables in 2.4? If not, you can use the 2.3 version in the dropbox.

well using 2.3 breaks the webapp,in short the platform has to be the same version with CIEL,for this time we are using platform 2.4 cc @dkayiwa

@herbert24 What steps can I take to reproduce this “breaking the webapp”? As @akanter said, there aren’t any changes to the concept tables between 2.3 and 2.4 so the SQL scripts for CIEL based on 2.3.0 should apply just fine. Note, though, that there are changes necessary to the modules deployed on the mdsbuilder, so that we’re using versions compatible with 2.4.0.

I can successfully run a version of the mdsbuilder with the latest CIEL 2.3.0 version from Dropbox using the following modules:

  • Data Exchange 1.3.7
  • Legacy UI 1.8.3
  • Metadata Mapping 1.4.0
  • Metadata Sharing 1.8.0
  • REST Webservices 2.30.0

That said, I’d probably target the versions of those modules that we’re planning on releasing with the RefApp.

thanks @ibacher could you been running all this on platform 2.4

Yes, I ran that off 2.4.0

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