Community statistics for 2018

Hi All - @darius used to get us numbers on what was happening in the community from the code contributions perspective. He used to pull the following numbers for us for each quarter:

  • commits during the quarter
  • distinct committers during the quarter (excludes known bots, but not fully cleaned)
  • min # of committers having 50% of commits (excluding commits by bots)
  • number of downloads

Can anyone pull these for me for Q4 2018 from github? (Oct 1-Dec 31, 2018) I’m just not sure how he did that in the past.

@c.antwi @dkayiwa

I have some scripts for this, but they need some manual massaging, and how to run them is not perfectly documented.

They live under here:

I can work with someone to run these and document the process, so that I’m not needed the next time.

(In the long run one idea would be to port these over so they can be run against google bigquery, and not require pulling all the commits into a local elasticsearch. Burke used to run things that way, but my scripts are more “polished” in that they filter out known bot accounts for some calculations. Not something I can take on myself now, but if someone is interested… :slight_smile: )

@irenyak1 or @jwnasambu is this something either of you would be interested in taking on for the quarterly reports for the community?

Sure @janflowers I am willing to take it up with the guidance of @darius. Thanks.

@darius do we need a call to guide me in this? Is there a way that is more convenient for you to set me off? Let me know.

Thanks @irenyak1! I’ll add you to the email thread coordinating a time with @darius and @dkayiwa.

That’s fine. Thanks @janflowers

Thanks for the thought I am ready to learn kindly let me know when the call is scheduled.

Have anyone explored this?

Seems, it is giving some interesting statics for last three months.

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Thanks @suthagar23 for sharing. Is there a way to adjust the period (months)?


AFAIK, I can’t see any alterations there. Let me check it more.

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@dkayiwa @janflowers You can try this also, Hope it will generate for last 1 year metrics with some use-full categories :

@suthagar23 awesome! :slight_smile:

Do we have a community statistics wiki page where these links can be put?

AFAIK, There is no such a page, @jwnasambu would be the right person to answer this :slight_smile:!

@dkayiwa, I don’t think we have one yet. We can put up these links - and before we simply create a page and put them up there, I think we should think through what community metrics we’re tracking, how we’re using them, which of these links already provides data for our priority metrics - and what (if any) additional data we’ll need to gather. That discussion is already off and running: Community Health Metrics/Dashboard