OpenMRS Quarterly Stats Scripts

We would like any one with the any information about openmrs quarterly stats scripts to share it with us on this thread. Kindly ping @jennifer for further information on this. cc @irenyak1 @darius @grace @gracebish

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What exact information are you looking for?

@herbert24 is this related to Atlas information or is this different?

Hi @jennifer could you kindly give more information on this, thanks

This is related to thisTrello card on the Documentation Team Roadmap.

More specifically, each quarter - and then for our annual report - we gather and compile data on code contributions. Here’s the existing Talk thread that gets into the details.

TL: DR: @darius and @irenyak1 have been helping us run scripts and get this data in past years. I’d like to get our current process (and scripts) documented on the WIki for now so we can keep that data current as we take a closer look at suggestions for improving this process.

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I’ve managed to export github archive data containing all github events from 2014 through Oct 2020 for any repository in the OpenMRS org or with a repository name containing “openmrs” into Postgres and then into an ELK stack.

Googling dates for quarters in 2020 leads to this page, defining Q3 as 1 July - 30 September, so I’ll use those dates:

Metric for 2020 Q3 (July - September) Within OpenMRS repos Across all repos1
Number of commits 1,487 6,934
Number of committers2 45 267
Number of committers to reach 50% of commits2 5 30

1 all repositories under OpenMRS org or like '%openmrs%'
2 excludes bots: dependabot[bot], openmrs-bot, pihinformatics, pull[bot], renovate[bot], transifex-integration[bot], and whitesource-bolt-for-github[bot]


Awesome! Burke can you post the visuals that were mentioned/shown in the call today?

  • Commits not including commits from bots
  • Commits by Org
  • Commits by person

Commits over time

includes commits to all repos under OpenMRS org and any repo with “openmrs” in its name, common bots excluded

Commits by Org

includes all repos under OpenMRS org and any repo with “openmrs” in its name and excludes common bots

Pull requests within OpenMRS org

(true=merged, false=not merged)

Commits by dev

who has made commits (top 100 in quantity of pushes) to OpenMRS org repos since 2014


Awesome awesome awesome @burke! Can we see the Commits by Org excluding bot commits?

I updated the commits by orgs to exclude common bots. Not much different.

If it helps, download info from Sourceforge shows 8,134 downloads during 2020 Q3:

Top 10 countries downloading OpenMRS artifacts from Sourceforge:

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. Canada
  4. China
  5. Kenya
  6. Nigeria
  7. Mexico
  8. Tanzania
  9. Philippines
  10. Vietnam


thanks @burke for sharing this :heart: :orange_heart:

I didn’t realize we were so heavily used in China - are there programs there involved with OMRS?

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