Community Interview for OpenMRS Director of Community Candidate - Second candidate

Hi Everyone -

We are now in the final phase in our search for a new full time OpenMRS director of community, and we are holding open community interviews with three final candidates.

We are holding a one hour interview Monday at 1pm EDT with our second finalist. All who are interested in learning more about him and weighing into this decision are welcome. The forum is open for questions from anyone who joins. If you are unable to join, please feel free to post questions here for him to answer via Talk.

His CV is available upon request.

We will use the OpenMRS Uberconference for this: OR 1-888-510-4073

Thanks, and hope to see you soon!

The call will be at 10am Seattle, 1pm Boston, 19:00 Berlin, 20:00 Nairobi, 22:30pm IST, 1am Manila. See more time zones.

Here: Director of Community interview 25-Jun-2018 on OR 1-888-510-4073

Notes: available here

Recording: (interview starts at about 7:30 into the recording)