Final selection of OpenMRS Director of Community - Need your input by July 4th end of day.

Hello All,

We have completed interviewing all of the final candidates for the Director of Community position. We need your input on what you think are important activities for that position to focus on. I’ve put together a very brief and simple survey asking for your input on what you think is important. All answers are private and anonymous. Please complete the survey ASAP to help us decide the way forward with the position and where we focus efforts.

If you are uncomfortable answering the survey, but would like to give me your input directly about the final candidates, please send me a private message directly.

You can find all candidate interviews (notes and recorded audio) at:

Thank you!


Friendly reminder to all to contribute your thoughts on focus areas for the new Director of Community!

Thanks for your input - it really is very helpful to better understand what everyone thinks is important to address in the community. After it closes, I’ll share the summary of the results of what folks thought was important (but not anything about the candidates themselves). This input will drive what your new director will be doing for you over the next year.

@janflowers - The survey monkey poll lists “First Candidate, Second Candidate, Third Candidate” as different people than do your links above. It’s easy enough to figure out - but First and Second are swapped in the poll (or in your message above - there is no absolute truth, of course!)

Others - if you take the poll - it’s easy to figure out who you are ranking, but use the names, not the First Second Third designations…

The survey is closed - thank you everyone for your participation. This is really helpful input for defining the job duties of the position. Survey Results for focus/prioritization for director’s responsibilities:

  • Q1: Maintaining and expanding our world network (40%) vs. on the ground getting things done (60%)
  • Q2: Understanding of technical work (10%) vs. Community member engagement (90%)
  • Q3: Develop and implement strategic vision (90%) vs. Oversee project plans (10%)
  • Q4: Operations management (60%) vs. Publicizing and representing OpenMRS externally (40%)
  • Q5: Community member recruitment (90%) vs. Events planning oversight (10%)
  • Q6: Telling the story of OpenMRS (30%) vs. Identifying priorities, defining resources, grant management(70%)
  • Q7: Fundraising and growing community (80%) vs. Internal management of activities, budget, and retention (20%)

If you didn’t get a chance to participate, but would still like to do so, please let me know via PM.