Common Lab Module GSOC2020

Hi, @tahira @mozzy . I am Gayathri currently pursing my graduation in the stream of Computer Science and Engineering at KL University,India . I am interested in working with you for the project Common Lab Module.As I was working on Bahmni project from last three month , I already gone through the project Wiki page . Looking forward for your reply

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Thanks @gayathrivellanki for expressing intrest in this project , i hope you looked at the GSoC 2020: Warm up practices for students

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Yes I am in progress of reading the openmrs architecture. I will complete the above warm up practices and then start with this particular project. Thank you.

Hi @gayathrivellanki, thanks for your email. Please go through the above link first, and also start preparing for the application as student application period will start soon.

Good luck!

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Thank you @tahira @mozzy for the information. I have started my warm up activities and I have completed my OpenMRS SDK Setup , read about OpenMRS Architecture and gone through Developer guides.

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@tahira @mozzy Could you please guide me for getting started as a developer. I have read and completed all the installations given in Warm up Practices.

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hi @tahira @mozzy ,

I am finding it difficult setting up the module since it my first time working with a module. I have got lot of errors while working through it, I have setup and build the module using mvn clean package which gave me error.

Can you paste the error in and share the link here?

Thank You @captaindavinci ,Here is the link for my error

@gayathrivellanki Can you share the complete log, from the beginning when you executed the command?

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Sorry for late!! @captaindavinci , Here is the link

The log shows you weren’t able to connect to the DB. Can you check if MySQL service is running, if the DB openmrs is present and if the username root and password are correct?

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@captaindavinci i have connected to database and user:-root password:password and i have created database openmrs.

@mozzy @tahira @captaindavinci can you please guide me…I am very much interested to give my full interest and efforts to work for this project.

Sorry @gayathrivellanki for the delayed response. I’m in the middle of something very urgent, therefore, my response might be delayed.

If you’re successfully connected to openmrs database, then please share the detailed errors logs.

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Did you have a chance to look at this ? Try following the steps and see if you have success.

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@aman @tahira Yes, I have followed the steps given in the provided link (OpenMRS SDK Step By Step Tutorials - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki). Through the process.The localhost displays like this.I’m unable to get OpenMRS Admin Page.

From your error, it shows that you don’t have web REST service running which is for the user interface. what kind of server did you setup

  1. Distribution or
  2. Platform

Thanks for the reply @wandji69, I had Distribution interface