Come be a mentor for the Google Summer of Code (GSOC) program!

Hi everyone,

We are currently seeking mentors for the 2017 Google Summer of Code program (GSOC)


  • 9 Feb 16:00 UTC – our organization application is due
  • 20 March - 3 April – student applications
  • 30 May - 21 August - summer of code
  • Late October – mentor summit

We need to have many of our mentors & project descriptions in place by 9 Feb. The entire program timeline can be seen at :

The GSoC Mentor Experience

Before student selection

  • Commit to spending a minimum of 4 hours each week to be available to guide and mentor students (not just your assigned student).
  • Commit to being present in IRC and/or Telegram to help answer questions as much as your schedule allows, at a minimum of 4 hours each week.
  • Prepare a good overview of your project idea(s) and have them linked to this wiki page.
  • Watch OpenMRS Talk for questions about your project idea(s).
  • Review student proposals and work with other mentors and organization admins to select the best candidates for OpenMRS.
  • Treat returning students who have applied with as much (or more!) scrutiny than first-time students.

After student selection

  • Ensure your student is ready & active. They should have a dev environment, be regularly communicating in the community, and have prepared a project plan together with you. (See above for student expectations.)
  • Read the GSoC Mentoring Manual and ask questions if you have them.
  • Reach out to the Summer of Code organization administrators if you have questions or concerns.
  • If the student is not active during the community bonding period, please contact the organization administrators.

During the program

  • Help your student be successful. Commit to spending a minimum of 4 hours each week answering questions, giving advice, working with your student on blockers, and evaluating your student’s progress.
  • Complete a short “progress report” each week to help stay on schedule and catch potential problems early.
  • Have fun and work hard! The highest-performing mentors will get an expenses-paid trip to Google’s headquarters in October to geek out with fellow mentors from other open source projects.
  • Schedule some time to chat 1-on-1 with your student to talk about their post-GSoC plans. Will they continue in their university program? Are they looking for a job? Help them understand the world beyond GSoC, and how they can continue contributing to OpenMRS.

After completing GSoC

  • Stay in touch with your student and help them find interesting ways to stay involved with OpenMRS.
  • Apply to attend the GSoC mentor summit in October! It’s an awesome way to connect with other people in the open source world and have fun.

If you’d like to take on this role for 2017, please respond to this thread and let us know! :slight_smile:


+1 will be join.


Me too. :smile:


@harsha89 and @dkayiwa, excellent! can you start thinking up ideas, and putting them onto a wiki page project? the more detailed wiki page, the better :slight_smile:

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wish to definitely be in :smile:

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This is encouraging worthy of dedicating performance to

Count me in. I will encourage not only @dkayiwa, but also @raff and @wyclif to mentor as well, since part of Regenstrief’s mission within the OpenMRS Community is to grow the ranks of skilled OpenMRS Developers worldwide. :slight_smile:


I’m most likely in. Can you add dates to the titles in your original post?


Friends, I’ve attached a link to the program timeline in the main post. Please note - right now, our biggest need is for everyone to put together project descriptions on the wiki for submission on the 9th Feb!

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Count me in!

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Count me in

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I’m in! :slight_smile:

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Count me in

Please count me in.

Hi All,

We need to post rough ideas of your projects very soon. Please have a small draft ready on your ideas as we need to submit project ideas with our GSoC organization proposal.

Thanks, Harsha

@harsha89 you may need to give some directions regarding where people should put their ideas, in what format? or anything else. :slight_smile: Would that also be a thread different from this?

@dkayiwa Yeas sure.

Please create a project under this unassigned projects page of OpenMRS wiki which can be found in [1]. Sample project detail format can be similar to [2].

[1] [2]

I will start a new thread as well.

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Please refer to GSoC 2017 Project Brainstorming

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Any more mentors who willing to take part in GSoC 2017?


Sure, it would be a pleasure.

Please count me in.


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