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Hi @maimoonak, @sharonvarghese

The Patient Search and Cohort Search features’ UI is just about done. I’ve posted screenshots for both below. Do tell me what parameters to remove/add for both of them so I can design the backend controller method and query the DB accordingly:

Patient Search:

Cohort Search

Hope we can communicate ASAP so we can get this phase over with. Meanwhile I am going ahead with the ‘Cohort Management’ page design and incorporating bootstrap into rest of the pages, which is the agenda till midterm evaluation. Thanks


Hi Sheryan,

The UI looks good though page still have a lot of whitespace (infact its gray).

The tags “Patient Search” and “Cohort Search” give a look of tags/buttons but I guess these are headings. Can we change to fill the full width space?

The Details looks like a dropdown, what would be the options for this dropdown?

Can you share a deployable module so that we can test it thoroughly and provide you feedback via tickets?

Yes it’s sort of plain but I guess that’s the color scheme I used. Would you suggest something else then?

Yes they are headings. I shall stretch them good idea

‘Patient details’ and ‘cohort details’ are not dropdowns but fixed input sections…

I’ll post a link to a deployable module

Regarding my query on input fields?

In “Patient Search” I guess Cohort would be better instead of Program.

In Cohort Search we can remove “Cohort Id” as int ids are not exposed to users. Date Created can be changed to date registered. When we say cohort head what type of param we expect from user?

Ok I think these parameters are fine. I wasn’t so sure about cohort heads and cohort ids too. Just kept them so I could get them reviewed. Also, do you have any suggestions about the UI?

@maimoonak On second thoughts, the openmrs architecture is such that deploying it singularly on heroku could be a problem (core is separate, ours is a module).

I have created a ‘Release’ on GitHub called ‘GSoC test release’ which included the .omod with the latest source code. You can simply download the .omod (1.37MB) everytime, paste it in the modules folder in openmrs-standalone, run it on your PC and test it. Shouldn’t be very tedious. Hope this is ok

I think we all have OpenMRS setup on localhost and trying Travis would take substantial effort. So its fine to share the omod for feedback. I would test it and would create ticket for major issues

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Would him setting up CI/CD on Travis be hard? If not, it might be worth the effort, this way the community can see it…

Great. I’ve put up the omod already in the releases section

“Create tickets for major issues” Alright so I’ll have to work on the proposal timeline additions (essentially the weekly target) and these tickets simultaneously yes?

Hi @bholagabbar

Maimoona has covered all the points I would have recommended :slight_smile: Would like to see you progress as the pace your doing the work is good enough.

@maimoonak @sharonvarghese As the midterm evaluation approaches, I just wanted to discuss the current deliverables. The complete UI and all the pages will have been redone with bootstrap. I have not seen any tickets for resolving issues as you mentioned @maimoonak so I simply progressed ahead with the project.

As for the video presentation I was thinking that that I could visit every page in the module in a systematic way, showing how the module is used starting by creating a cohort, creating metadata etc.

As I put forward the issue 2 weeks back, I am unable to fetch the encounters for a cohort from the DB. I had posted the error log in the document we have maintained. Since it is a part of HFE, I think we can deal with this in the 2nd half.

As for the other issues, I still have to make a controller for search cohort and patient cohorts.

Besides this, as I mentioned, I am continuing with the UI of rest of the pages and it should be done by the end of this week. I will create the video, upload the same and fill in the midterm evaluation by Saturday, one day in advance just to be sure.

Do tell me if there are any issues from your side :slight_smile:

@bholagabbar, As mentioned in slack I was not able to find the omod. Could you please share the link of omod here. Moreover, Once you are done with video, share it with us and then we can provide our feedback and can fill the eveluation form as well.

Once we are done with this, lets spend sometime in trying setting up Cohort Module on a publically available platform (as Robby mentioned).

Oh OK I am no more active on Slack since I was instructed to keep messages public.

Here is the omod:

Sounds good otherwise.

Hi @bholagabbar I did update the document with the possible solution of the issue you were facing with fetching the encounters, please go through that . Will take a look into the omod file and let you know if any more changes can be done. Please finish your video by thursday as we can then suggest on what points you could improve. Do keep us updated with any more issues you face.

Thanks Sharon! Will go through it and let you know :slight_smile:

@sharonvarghese I"m referring to the document here but I do not see any updated changes. Could you see?

Hi @bholagabbar ,

I have created few issues in Sprint on OpenMRS here. Just assigning to you rightafter this.

A general problem I faced and did not create issues for is that clicking any button on dashboard opens old UI.

Moreover, please for next release update you version to 2.0.1. It is like major.minor.micro.

  • So for any change you made and it doesnot impact old installation version should be upgraded to 2.0.1/2/3/…
  • any change that adds databases changes or architectural changes should be 2.1/2/3/.x

Would keep adding issues there.

Ok great. Should I give priority to completion on old UI first ? And then deal with these issues?

Yeh its fine to reslove old UI issue first… But please note that most of these issues are critical and would impact the timelines of your Phase2 development.