Cohort Module Enhancements Project Discussion

Ok. Actually had the issues on sprint come up earlier, it would have been easier to deal with them then and there but now the project has moved forward so it’s an overhead to incorporate them.

I will continue with the UI part and side by side try to resolve the issues.

Hope that’s ok :slight_smile:

Hi @bholagabbar It has come under suggestions, just check it out or else I am posting the solution right here . Let me know if that issue is resolved

The reason the error has popped us the way its written as encounterDatetime in the java file while in the hbm file its encounterDateTime . Its the capitalization of the letters issue.

Hi Sharon and Maimoona,

I have put up a few comments on the tickets. Hope they can be addressed soon so I can proceed with corrections required in the UI. Thanks!

I added a screenshot on COH-7 and even a few queries. Would be able to proceed after that. Hope they can be addressed ASAP

@maimoonak , @sharonvarghese and myself are happy to announce the release of Cohort Module 2.0!.

This includes a completely revamped UI, A entensive search features and plenty of bug fixes among other things and is the final module release for GSoC 16. Among other things, I’ve also completed the final evaluation.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey @ssmusoke, saw your message asking for the location of the Cohort Module. As mentioned in Cohort Module Enhancements Project Discussion , the original location of the module is but I have also taken the liberty of making a fork in the OpenMRS repository. Hence, you can access it at :slight_smile: