Cohort Builder Sprint 4 Demo Invitation

Hi All,

We wish to announce the completion of sprint 4 of the cohort builder module and invite all to the demo scheduled to hold on Tuesday 18th April, 2017 by 2pm GMT +1, further details of the demo are outlined below:

Date: Tuesday, 18/04/2017 Time: 2:00pm GMT +1 Calendar URL: (iCal Hangout Link: Sprint Announcement Link: Cohort Builder Sprint #4

Regards, Ethan

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Hi @burke Please can we get permission to edit the OpenMrs calendar? @dkayiwa wants us to be able to create an event for this demo and subsequent demos that we’ll be having.


We recently switched to a Google Calendar. Given your demo is tomorrow, I went ahead and added your demo and updated your post (adding sprint and demo tags). @dkayiwa should be able to grant you access to the Google Calendar (assuming he has your Google emails) for future demos.

Unfortunately, I will be in clinic tomorrow, so will miss your demo. I’m hoping you will do it using Hangout on Air and can share the YouTube here afterwards (FYI – just pasting a YouTube URL by itself on a line in a Talk post/reply will embed the video).

Link to Cohort Builder Sprint 4 demo video (Incase it’s blurry you may need to adjust the youtube video quality).