ClearCanvas open-source RIS Bahmni integration

Is there a way for Bahmni developers to use ClearCanvas open-source RIS source code and produce a RIS module for Bahmni? (like you do with other open-source systems)


I see you are following up from this thread: Bahmni RIS integration

Adding an RIS system to Bahmni is not (currently) on our roadmap. We aren’t opposed to the idea, but resources are limited.

Can you give a longer explanation of what your use case is, and what real-world scenario (in Malawi?) you see that adding a RIS component to the Bahmni product would allow?

Bahmni being open-source software, it’s also possible that a separate team could work on packaging a RIS in Bahmni (outside of the core team’s roadmap), if you had an interested team of developers.

Finally, it might be worth looking at the ongoing work in the Radiology module for OpenMRS. I don’t think this module has been officially released yet, but when it is, it might be possible to have the OpenMRS component of Bahmni function as an RIS. (You can get more info about this on the #dev channel, adding the #radiology tag to your message.)


Oh, I see. Bahmni already has PACS integration module allowing users to either use their own PACS systems or DCM4CHEE. However, PACS alone without RIS makes it difficult to manage workflow in the radiology department. When doctors place radiology requests, the radiologist is supposed to review them first, front desk officers need to assign patients to appropriate modalities or schedule exams.

The current scenario in Malawi is like this: we have digital modalities operating independently, not connected to any Hospital system. The electronic system handling the patient database is not HL7 compliant, therefore, not linked to modalities. Modalities like CT have thick-client workstations running local PACS from system vendors (same with digital mammography, it has its own local PACS system). Patients are registered twice: in the hospital system and in modalities. RIS would change all this.

I do understand, however, that RIS is not a priority in poor-resource countries.

Dear @webster

Im working on the OpenMRS radiology module which isnt ready to be used in production. Development is slow since we have little resources, so cant tell you how long it will take for us to release it. We do see the need for an open source RIS and hope to be able to provide one in the future. We welcome any kind of contributions (developers, clinical experts, administrators, …) So if you want to help us out in any way keep feel free to join, also there will probably soon be a meeting held by Bahmni where they talk about their PACS-integration module and the implementations they had so far.

On ClearCanvas: I think their open source part is dead, they got bought by another company and since then development of their open source kind of stopped. See “activity” Their RIS isnt even on github. Also it lacks interfaces to other systems like PACS as far as I know.

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