Bahmni RIS integration

Hello everyone! My name is Webster Lungu, a Diagnostic Radiographer in Malawi…and a Healthcare IT enthusiast. I also hold a certificate in Medical Informatics. I am planning to deploy Bahmni at my hospital to utilize the DCM4CHEE PACS and other Bahmni packages. However, my hospital is very complex and so far, from the Bahmni wiki, it seems there is no fully fledged RIS in Bahmni to handle radiology orders (the orders are sent directly to modalities). Without RIS integration, radiology front desk becomes useless. Is there a plan to have RIS integration in Bahmni in future? Or is there a feature inside Bahmni to help in scheduling patients for radiology (apart from the modality side?)?

Hi Webster,

Its good to hear that Bahmni being considered for your hospital. In Bahmni The pacs-integration modules which takes care of the sending Radiology Order from EMR to an external HL7 Server, by creating HL7 Messages, is not coupled with DCM4CHEE or Modality. So far we have used 2 different models integration.

  1. Bahmni integration with Full fledged Modality Software with PACS, WorkList etc features and configuring it to auto deliver the DICOM files to DCM4CHEE.
  2. Bahmni integration with DCM4CHEE utilizing its WorkList Feature/ HL7 Service and configuring the 3rd party Console to retrieve worklist from and auto deliver the DICOM files to DCM4CHEE.

Bahmni can be integrated with RIS with HL7 Service/ WorkList feature. Please let me know if your question is answered.

Regards, Swathi Varkala

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Thanks Swathi,

That answers my question. (Bahmni currently does not have a dedicated Radiology IS like OpenELIS for Lab…but can be interfaced with other RIS systems).


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