CDS: Progress on Implementing SMART Guidelines in OpenMRS

Dear Community, Thanks to the support of Digital Square in the Implementing the ANC DAK Project, we are making great technical progress in using opensource tooling like OCL and the CQL-Evaluator, and established standards like FHIR planDefinitions & CQL, to give implementers the tools they need to implement SMART Guidelines - and hopefully even other styles of Clinical Decision Support/CDSS.

Quite a lot has been done just in the last 2 months, with special thanks to @suruchi (Project Business Analyst) and @dkayiwa (Project Lead Engineer). Here’s a very rapid 5 min overview of our progress to date:

Link to slides:

And now starting this month we have design support coming onboard from @Sonder (@cduffy and @pauladams) and @MekomSolutions, with end users & personas from @PIH @AMPATH and more. We are looking for more research participants! If your organization has CDS decision makers or ANC/MCH end-users who might be interested, please respond to this thread.

The product implications of this project: We are sharing our findings, successes, and challenges with folks at Digital Square, WHO, and all other interested organizations, to help expand the applied knowledge base around CDSS and SMART guidelines. This also helps us better serve OpenMRS implementers who will need strong tooling and expertise to set up SMART guidelines in the field. I hope we will also discover that the backend Decision Support Engine work (i.e. the CQL Module) will prove useful for general decision support in the OpenMRS platform, but it is still too early to say. And finally, this project is equipping us with the O3 UI Guide for how CDSS should look/feel for end-users, to avoid alarm fatigue and enable high quality care support.


p.s. - to be clear, these are the technical artifacts involved in the work currently:

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