CANCELLED: Advisory Council Meeting 2017-9-06

This Advisory Council meeting has been CANCELED. We will reschedule this call with the same topic for discussion.

Below is the agenda for the Advisory Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 6th @10am EDT.

The main topic for discussion will be Service Providers and the notes page can be seen here:


  • Ask for any other business
  • Service Providers

To join the call by phone, please dial 1-888-510-4073. To join the call using Audio, Chat, & Screen Sharing please use the latest Firefox, Chrome, or other WebRTC-compatible browser and go to:

If you have any questions about last meeting’s topics, please see the notes here.

Hi Advisory Council,

The topic for the October AC call is Service Providers.

Similarly to how we created an official definition and list of OpenMRS Distributions in the last couple years, we are now taking a similar approach around having OpenMRS Service Providers.

We’d like to get your suggestions on how to structure this, opportunities and pitfalls, etc.

Pre-reading: Service Provider Program - Draft definition and terms

We’ll have some more specific questions closer to the call.

@jeffneiman, can you please clarify the date of this call. AFAIK these calls have always been on Wednesdays, but 6-Oct (from the title) is a Friday (and the text says Wed 6-Sep, which is definitely not the right date for this call).

Hey Darius, sorry about the 10/9 mixup. I’ve corrected the date to reflect the actual month: September.

AFAIK, the call IS in fact for Sept 6 as indicated by the AC topic ideas Google Doc I was given. If that’s not correct, can you please advise me - maybe I’m just misunderstanding you because I incorrectly labeled this as 10/6.


The call scheduled for 6-Sept is CANCELLED. I have edited the topic title to reflect this.


@jeffneiman, for people who mainly follow Talk via email do not receive an email when you edit a post. And when looking at Talk on the web it’s not obvious when an edit was made. I suggest following this process:

  1. When editing the first post in a topic, in a way that alters its meaning, say something like “Edited to add: …”
  2. Add a post at the end the end of the thread saying what changed, so that people get email notifications.
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I’ve edited this post to reflect that this meeting has been canceled and will be rescheduled either for next month of the month after. I apologize for any confusion.

Hi @darius and @jeffneiman!

AC calls occur on the first Wednesday every two months. So at this time the next call is scheduled for November 1st.