Can I install Bahmni on Ubuntu linux?

Can I install Bahmni on Ubuntu Linux? I know Bahmni Vagrant/VM comes with CentOS. I believe Bahmni team is moving towards RPM based installs soon. I think RPMs cannot be installed on Ubuntu. Is supporting Ubuntu on the roadmap for Bahmni?


As of now, there’s no easy way to install Bahmni on other flavours of linux like ubuntu. One of the reasons for us to move to the modular packaging model (like rpm for centos) was to be able to reason about the installation in terms of smaller composable packages that users could self service using OS tooling. To start with, we are building RPMs since most of our installations are on RHEL/Centos. We will look at producing debian packages once we are finished building the provisioning tools for bahmni installation on centos, and if there’s demand.

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Thank you @rnjn.

So right now the only option to run on Ubuntu would be to run a VirtualBox/Vagrant on Ubuntu, so that Bahmni runs inside a CentOS VM. And seems like currently the testing of Bahmni releases by ThoughtWorks, happens only on CentOS.

Regards Gurpreet

You are right on both accounts, you would want to run Bahmni on CentOS so we could support it, and we test only on CentOS 6 right now (not 7).

I am very interested in this.

Dear all,

I’m thinking of starting a side project for installing bahmni via deb packaging, this would (should) be good for all debian derivative users, so ubuntu, mint, elementary, bodhi, kali, steamOS … to name but a few.

I have created a thread on these forums for discussion of how to implement etc see Bahmni on debian and derivatives. Please head on over and vote in the poll.

The more you vote the more likely it is I will get to work on this, and the more other members will be encouraged to contribute.

Thanks in advance.


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Since this is a Google-page-1 result for Bahmni on Ubuntu, I wanted to provide information that Bahmni can be installed on Docker/Docker-compose (besides Vagrant). This would be a suggested approach for running Bahmni on Ubuntu, or other flavours of Linux.

Read more here:

Another firebrand of centOS is AlmaLinux vs Rocky Linux How about this CentOS replacements due to its end of life?

Another replacements of centOS is AlmaLinux vs Rocky Linux How about this CentOS replacements due to its end of life?

Number of options

  1. RHEL works fine
  2. Rocky Linux should work (we haven’t specifically tested this)
  3. CentOS 7.x is supported till 2024

Going forward

  1. Docker - 0.93 is not dockerized though. But future 0.94 will be

As mentioned by @angshuonline – please do try the docker version of Bahmni. It should work on all Linux flavors. See: