Calling For GSOC 2021 Mentors

Hi community , As we progress with the GSOC 20201 Programme this year , we would like to call for Gsoc mentors for the following Projects Under Modernizing Administration functions for OpenMRS

And we would want to finalize on the Application before the dead line ,February 19, 2021 . please see the full Timeline here .

See GOOGLE SUMMER OF CODE 2021 PROGRAM RULES section 6 (Mentor Eligibilty and Responsiblity)

cc @jennifer @grace @burke @suthagar23 @herbert24 @dkayiwa @dev3 @dev4 @dev5


do we need both the primary and secondary mentors?

yeah sure, we do so

sure , we do

Thanks @mozzy for spear heading this, Last Year we had some projects which seem to have more work to do even this year, Are we planning to bring them back on board Forexample GSOC2020 Project

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thanks @sharif for bringing this back

my take on this is we can make the pending tickets on this project intro issues for students to take on and get more familiar with openmrs forexample those who are going to participate in #OMRS202O Internships from soloDevelo

@mozzy So would there be a form we need to fill up for the same?

Hello @mozzy If I interesting in become a mentor, what are the requirement I must satisfy?

i think making them intro issues makes sense, And i hope this will come with priority when it comes to the community Technical Roadmap

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@osgux you are welcome to the community. Kindly find your answer here: GSoC - Guidelines for Mentors - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki. If not answered please don’;t hesitate to get more clarification from @mozzy and other devs.


Thanks @osgux and @iamsr ,


In general, Mentors are community volunteers who are willing to give a student a great experience in open source development. Mentors should be knowledgeable enough in open source development and their project to provide quality mentorship during Summer of Code. Note that mentors cannot also participate as a student (i.e., someone applying as a student to GSoC should not also volunteer to be a mentor in the same year).


. The above Available Projects primarily fall under the MicroFrontEnds , the mentor would have to be Knowledegable around that area .


Please , any one intrested , you can fill out this form


Hi @mozzy! Since the projects Micro Frontend UI for FHIR metadata CRUD operations and Modernizing Admin functions for OpenMRS: Option 4: Metadata Management basically point to the same project, I guess the 2 listings could be merged in the project list on the GSoC’21 page.


Thanks @iamsr . i removed one of them

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