Announcing Google Summer of Code 2021!

can you explain what does that mean i didn’t understand what you posted actually.

Can you let us know where exactly such we can be elaborate/more- detailed please thanks

you said that new changes are going to make students participate in the organization even after GSoC, I don’t understand that.

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ohh sure feel free to peruse through this gsoc mentor list announcements not sure if you can access it

its good ideal

yeah I can’t access it but I’m just saying that what do you mean by “remain participating in an organisation(openmrs) even after the program gets finished not only GSOC as a program since some students get lost after the program”

These changes were made to help find more diverse students who we hope will stay involved in the community after their GSoC ends. We look forward to these changes and will definitely be getting feedback from all of you as the 2021 program goes on to see what is working and what we should consider adjusting for any possible future program. so ideally that’s about current changes.

Sorry for the late reply there’s a function in my house, I think these are good changes and I hope that most students would stay involved after GSoC because it’s all about learning, and what’s a better place to learn than open-source.

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thanks @mozzy

Hello every one,

Happy new year! We are reaching the Org Application opening which is on January 29, we have to speed up the process of admin selections and project selections.

Admin Selection Process

  • I hope, @mozzy already expressed the interest to administrate the GSoC 2021
  • Further, @herbert24 also expressed his interest to administrate the GSoC 2021.
  • If any of them have any alterations or other plans, I can also take up to continue the GSoC 2021


  • We have to speed up the process and have to increase the count of the projects this year if possible as the duration of the usual program is changed through this year.

We welcome your suggestions to finalize the GSoC 2021 engagements. Please let us know your thoughts. Thanks

Cc: @dev5 @dev4 @dev3


Thanks @suthagar23 for the updates , Am interested to being next Co-Admin GSOC2021


thanks suthar,i will be available to take on administration for GSOC 2021


Thanks @suthagar23 ,sure iam intrested in being GSOC 2021 first Admin. But Google needs a minimum of two Admins . meaning in the context of OpenMRS , we can have more other two co-Admins

regarding projects , i think we would need to inbox individuals to attract their personal attention as we did last time.


Happy new year too and welcome from your vacation. I really appreciate your leadership right away from GCI and GSoC. You have been so transparent and patient to both the students and the mentors. Ever thinking of new ideas on how to retain GSoC students to the community , update the community on what is required from Google and always ready to help when need arise. I suppose that is what is required.

I like the politeness in the above statement. Friends, I stand to be corrected but I think we should give project admins time to always lead the project until they decide to leave by themselves as we also learn from them after all GSoC still need mentors and one can be part of it.

Well! this is a bright thought though, I suppose it would have been better if @suthagar23 wasn’t interested in the same position.


About GSoC Admins, we’ve seen how both @suthagar23 and @mozzy have made GSoC a little bit better every year. This year, we have even more ideas for improving GSoC and making projects meaningful for the community and implementations. If we want to turn these ideas into reality, then we’ll need a good group of admins to take on a broader range of activities.

Let’s have @suthagar23, @mozzy, @herbert24, @grace, and I work together as a team. To that end, we can lay out different areas of responsibility and share openly on the Wiki who will be responsible for what and when. I think this can help different people know who to go to when they have a question, whether it’s about the status of our application, project proposals, onboarding, supporting mentors, etc.

@suthagar23, @herbert24, @mozzy, and @grace, we can plan on having some time at the PM meetings to give updates - and we probably want to block off a time on our calendars for those time when we need to speak together synchronously. Can you fill this Doodle poll and let me know the best time for you?


great idea @jennifer

hello @mozzy , I am a GSoC Aspirant . Does it matter If I work on JIRA ticket of other Projects rather than working on the ones under GSoC?

As I am currently working on “Open Concept Lab for OpenMRS

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Hello @nkumar , Thats wonderful.

its ok you can work any project of your choice :slightly_smiling_face: ,
Your Contributions are greatly appreciated


Did we submit our application?

Sure @dkayiwa , We summited onThaursday 18 February